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RUMOR: MORE Bags for Zaza posting on June 3rd

June 3, 2008

The first eight Bags for Zaza sold in 36 hours…. but now there are online vultures awaiting the next flock of bags.  I read in the National Enquirer that FIVE more original Bags for Zaza are hitting the web on Tuesday night.  Don’t tell anyone… unless they are computer illiterate… or very slow typists.

Zaza is the nickname of our little girl that we are waiting to adopt from Colombia.  Bags for Zaza is a fundraiser that our sister-in-law schemed up and is tantalizingly successful. 

On your marks.  Get Set.  GO!

Help Bring Zaza Home!

May 26, 2008


My sister-in-law, Jennie, is sewing up a fundraiser to help bring Zaza home:  The bags are darling and the names of them are even better. 

Zaza is the nickname Jennie gave our adopted daughter from Colombia.  The referral is the last piece of the puzzle in Colombian adoptions, so we do not have her name yet.  Because she will be three or four years old we will most likely keep her given name.  We are on the officially approved Colombian adoptive parent waiting list which has a wait time of 2 – 30 months.  We are in the middle of month four currently, so the phone could ring any day now.  We are ready…. well, except for the remaining funds needed.  Hence, Auntie Jennie’s brilliant fundraiser idea.

We can’t wait to kiss Zaza’s soft cheeks…. and she will be the sole topic of many a blog as soon as the referral call comes.

Check it out and help bring Zaza home: