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The 2nd Gerber Daisy has Raised its Sleep Head

April 15, 2010

Gerber daisies take FOREVER to bloom.  Seriously, it’s only about 4 to 5 weeks, but the anticipation of a burst of beauty makes it seem longer.  WAY longer.  Back in March, my first Gerber daisy bloomed and was taken down by a wet towel thrown by a child that I gave birth to.  Unbelievable.  Then a bud appeared…. the promise of life anew….weeks later she opened her drowsy eyes and lifted her hot pink head.  FINALLY!  (Yes, I dragged my son out there to witness the beauty and miracle of nature to increase his appreciation of God’s hand in our backyard. He didn’t actually thank me, but I felt the thankfulness emanating from his little heart.)

The exceedingly good news is that there is already another bud forming….. so in May, I’ll have continual hot pink yummy eye candy to behold.

April is so wonderfully warm and inviting in Phoenix…. leads to the illusion that summer might linger off in the distance a while longer!  Makes me want to sit in the backyard swing and forget the laundry, the homeshooled youngin’s, cooking, cleaning, carpooling, etc., etc., etc.

The name of the following flower is still a mystery.  Please share your wisdom in the comment section concerning the name of said purple flower.

That is all.  Hasta luego.

Gerber Daisy Update

March 28, 2010

In case you weren’t around on March 9th, the day of the demise of the hot pink Gerber daisy, please go back and read that blog.  Today, March 28th…. I am STILL patiently awaiting the second bloom on the hot pink Gerber daisy plant.   In the past 19 days, it has come this far:

I predict another two weeks.  These flowers are the S L O W E S T…. ever!  But do not be dismayed.  Here is what else is blooming in the backyard at present:

Bougainvillea!  The lame gardener’s sure bet in the desert.  You can hardly kill these vines!  They provide such a delicious burst of color on the block wall.  Phoenicians have taken fences to a new level…. six foot block walls around every blinkin’ yard in new housing developments.   It’s quite private, but ugly without flowers.  And the next flower is nameless…. at least in my head at this moment.  Mom?

And I saved the best for last.  We planted sunflowers!  I love their sunny faces!  We planted them in a huge pot, and with Murphy’s Law, they opened facing the wall and not the house.  So I had to go turn the massive pot…. almost pulled something in my back.  Good grief.  Only one is blooming but there are six more to follow.  They are so happy!

Enjoy the lovely weather!

Pink Gerber Daisies = Happiness

March 9, 2010

I took this picture in my backyard last week.  I actually grew this beauty with my own green thumb.  I’ve had the plant for almost a year and I’ve been talking sweetly to it and fertilizing it and a mere 5 months after the last flower, this one raised its sleepy head for me!  I LOVE Gerber daisies and especially hot pink ones.  They stand out so brightly in my cobalt blue pots on the patio. 

This seems like a happy flower story but it is not.  Thankfully I went out to photograph this flower in its glory because a sopping wet towel accidentally got flung onto it and snapped it’s little head right off.  I looked out the patio window to see it in pieces about five feet from the pot lying with the wet towel.  I blasted through the door and asked my sons what in the world happened!  One pointed quickly at the other and then the accidental story was told.  Without thinking, I asked quite loudly, “Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for that flower to bloom?!?”   Of course he didn’t.  He’s a boy. He probably didn’t even know I grew hot pink Gerber daisies in blue pots.  He replied, “No.”  ….. “FIVE MONTHS!”  “I’m sorry, Mom.”  And it was genuine and I forgave him and then picked up the little pink petals from the ground and threw them in the trash.

The good news is there is another bud on the plant…. only possibly maybe probably 4 to 6 weeks till I have another hot pink beauty in the pot.  They are worth the wait and until then, I have this great photo of the last one.