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Senior Year Comes to a Close…. Almost

May 5, 2012


Here is our first original baby girl…. all growed up and glowing.  She is graduating from homeschool highschool.  It doesn’t get much better than that (except for her mother, who is DONE teaching this one…. one down, three to go! I can smell freedom in 2022!) 

Our church, CCV, put on a grad appreciation night that was a tear-jerker.  Good grief!  What a great bunch of kids who have a solid foundation to build on as they go their separate ways next fall.  One thing I loved was the youth pastor’s encouragement to them to find a church where ever they are at college and SERVE!  Love it!  Don’t just go and coast.  Don’t be a pew warmer.  Reach out and be Jesus to others.  Awesome.

Here is Larisa trying to face the 18 year old fact that she has cheesy parents.  You’d think she would have caught on by now!


Newsworthy Information

June 1, 2008

Despite my terribly busy day (2 b-day parties, post office, grocery store, book store, Walmart, cooking 2 lasagnas, hemming and strapping the grad formal… whew) I sat down to eat lunch and decided to have a stab at the AZ Republic… our newspaper.  I get the paper during the week only because it was cheaper that way for my three Sunday papers for Coupon $ense.  So usually I don’t read them.  But today I must have been feeling intellectually stagnant and opened the wealth of verbiage.  It was a substantial news day, unlike most “shot cat” and “drug ring” and “road closed” type days. 

Substantial News Story #1:  There has been an uncontacted tribe of Indians with huts, spears and not much clothing discovered in the Amazon on the Peru/Brazil border.  Story and pictures:  And they paint themselves different colors.  Cool!  This amazes me, that we haven’t found everybody yet.  With the heat-sensitive apparatus available that can find a fugitive hiding in a dog house… FROM a helicopter… why haven’t we found all the people groups yet?  I read with interest and thought of Nate Saint and the End of the Spear movie.  The article stated that contact wouldn’t be made due to flying spears when planes neared and because our germs would wipe them all out.  It neglected to mention that they need Jesus too.

Substantial News Story #2: (OK, not nearly as substantial as #1) There is a blog called where you can post pictures from a digital camera or card that you find.  OR if you misplace yours, you can pray that the finder knows about the blog and posts a few of your precious lost pictures so you can again have them securely in your obviously slippery hand.  The success stories are also listed, and they circle the globe… guy#1 from Kentucky loses his camera in Florida… guy #2 picks it up and takes it home to the Netherlands… guy #3, a friend of guy #1, lives in Australia and recognizes guy #1 on the blog and VOILA! The Florida pictures make it home to Kentucky.  See, there are good people left on Earth.