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Announcement Time

June 21, 2012

Before Announcement Time, let me just say “Top of the mornin'” to my Irish readers.  You came out en masse today… welcome!

Now for Announcement Time.  Beware, son #1!!!  Son #2 has grown an inch in the last 2 months and will be taller than you THIS YEAR!  We have warned you about this occurrence for many years.  It is now upon you. (And the parents grin in delight.)

The yellow extension to the 15 year old growth chart was introduced this week.  Son #1 is 5 feet 7 3/4 inches.  His father is 1/8 of an inch taller at this moment.  It won’t be long til that’s over.  Son #2, who is two years younger is only 3/4 of an inch behind his elder sibling.  Oh, this is going to get gooder and gooder.  Both boys passed me up, but I will always be taller than my girls.  The elder has hit a screeching halt at ALMOST 5 feet 4 inches.  The younger is not destined to be a giant…. her birth mama was 4 feet 11 inches.  We are praying for at least 5 feet!

This awesomely decorative growth chart used to be a nice rectangular poster.  It used to hang on the back of the laundry room door…. the only other door in the entire house on tile floor…. for precision measuring.  Then the dog, who was locked in the laundry room for her own safety and the safety of the carpets and furniture, tore up the growth chart much to my dismay and anger.  I picked up all the shreds and painstakingly taped them back together.  This was MY Offspring’s Growth History, for goodness sakes alive.  So now the chart is safely on the back of the master bedroom door.  It gets real cozy when I drag the kids in the microscopic bathroom to measure them.

I’m secretly hoping to have to add another extension card one day.  Currently it stops at 6 feet.  We do have a possibility in the ranks………. please stand by for several years.