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My Handsome Son has Returned

January 10, 2009

Glory Be! I’ve waited for this day for almost a year.  The pleasant part was that Aus ASKED for a haircut.… be still my beating heart.  He has looked like Raggedy Andy since last Spring.  I felt like one of those mothers.  You know, the kind that let their kids do whatever they want….  guilt had been mounting in my soul for over half a year.  Only under duress did he let me trim it so it didn’t cover his beautiful Caribbean blue eyes.  And all his flipping to the left was starting to make my neck sore.

Yes, this is my son….  (real men wear pink…. he tells us.) … BEFORE:


We went to the Coyotes hockey game on Thursday night and in the program there was a picture of Peter Mueller with a faux hawk.  Thank you, Peter!  You don’t know how your influence has pleased this mother’s heart. Not only on the ice… but also in front of the mirror.


This was the first chop.  Aus asked if we were going to donate it to Locks of Love… {he’s so cute!}  The sad part is, his natural bleach blond is gone until he spends some time outside.  Never have I cut this much hair off of a head.


May I present, my handsome 12 year old son, Austin… AFTER: (it’s still wet… that’s how excited I was to take the picture!)



Oh, I just want to clap my hands all fast in front of my heart and do a little jig.  It’s the small things that make moms jubilant.  (Now, to catch son #2….)

Current Affairs

June 14, 2008

Here’s the latest:

The guppy explosion is currently being effectively managed.  This past week was VBS, so I gave away over 50 fish to wide-eyed little kids who have no idea what will happen in their new fish tanks…  heh heh heh.  One family inadvertently took a small bowl with two pregnant mama fish, but they have 5 kids, so they’ll understand.  AND I finally purchased a baby-guppy-eating fish to handle and new circle of life that tries to rear its ugly prolific head in our fish tank.  Huh uh, baby.  It’s over.

I’m done being glamorous and now I’m cool for the summer.  Yes, I chopped my hair.  I thought of donating to Locks of Love, but they don’t accept anything under 12 inches.. .and I only had 2 inches.  BUT, it’s dramatically changed my appearance and my neck is ready for 120 degrees summer heat.  Bring it on, baby.

Today is fingerprint day.  Rick and I both get our federal adoption fingerprints re-done this afternoon BEFORE they expire.  I’m very relieved to have this done in time.  I’ve read on adoption loops about several families who let their fingerprints expire… what a nightmare of bureaucracy and paper work.  AND I have to be “state” fingerprinted to be a camp counselor for kids camp.  This is my 6th year attending… and my first year fingerprinted.  Think of all the mayhem a smarmy fugitive could have wreaked on innocent campers for the past 5 years????  Luckily for them, I’m a law-abiding, God-fearing mom.

Thanks to faithful blog readers like yourself, Bags for ZAZA is a smashing success.  I’ve joined the sewing team and will have my first four bags on this weekend… hopefully.  Thank you to all who have linked to your sites.  With the special requests complete, I think we are near the fundraising goal.  But alas, do not fear, new goals are being considered at large wooden conference tables behind closed doors this minute, and more bags will be available.

Peace out.