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Old Dog Tricks Die Hard

July 2, 2008

Do you have any habits or interesting practices that you inherited from your parents?  I’m sure we all do, well, except for those who grew up without parents.  Eight years ago, my sister and I were getting ready for church in her master bedroom bathroom and we could not stop laughing at all the numerous beauty tricks that we each picked up from watching our mom.  Christy finished her make-up application and then hairsprayed her index finger and ran the glue along each eyebrow.  I laughed and said, “Mom used to do that.”  Then I was having flat head syndrome and picked up a patch of hair on the crown on my head and backcombed it at a terribly rapid rate of teasing speed.  Christy started laughing and said, “Mom does that too!” 

Well, my husband, whom I love with all my heart, picked up the habit of adding water to whatever condiment was getting low on juice.  Salad dressing, chocolate syrup, catsup, you name it.  They were all watered down to clear muck before our eyes.  Recently I found out that Rick’s dad used to do that.  Probably still does.  Nothing bugs me more than cooking an Oscar Meyer wiener to perfection, laying it in a toasted hotdog bun and then dumping pink water on it from the “almost gone” catsup.  Just throw the blinkin’ bottle away already.

Another time when the catsup bottle was getting low, Rick was sitting at the kitchen table and asked for the catsup bottle from the kitchen counter.  Noticing that it was practically empty, I quickly grabbed it, removed the lid, filled the bottle with four ounces of tap water and replaced the lid.  Rick was talking and didn’t notice the delay in the requested bottle’s delivery to the table.  I really wanted him to douse his dog, but unfortunately, he has another habit of always shaking the catsup bottle before opening it…. and he noticed the clear consistency where the red goo was supposed to be.  “Look, we don’t need to buy catsup for another three weeks!” I pronounced then doubled over in ruckus laughter.  He did laugh… then he ate his dry dog.