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Three Bags Up at BFZ!

July 7, 2009

Yes, come one, come all.  There are three bags up for auction at Bags For Zaza this week.  We’ve been on summer holidays for a bit, but we’re back up and running, well, sewing.  There is something for everyone this week!  All the proceeds of this eco-friendly fundraiser go toward the adoption of our little Zaza from Colombia.  We have been impatiently waiting for her for over 2 1/2 years now, but with each day that passes, we’re one day closer to hugging and kissing her.

Without further ado, may I present THE BAGS:

#1 is a saucy little lavender number for a little girl or a lady who likes to pretend she’s a little girl.

grass square 2 bags 009

#2 is a more sophisticated carrier bag that is fashioned after a “birding bag” with lots of pockets and a handy shoulder strap.

grass square 2 bags 017

#3 is a handbag in the stylish colors of black & white with a splash of lime green thrown in there too.

fort, bags 010

So, if you please, go have a look at WAY more photos of each bag, make a bid or two, and PLEASE tell a few folks about our cause.  We are nearing the end of our wait… the thus our sewing time too, unfortunately.  THANKS SO MUCH!

Anne of Avonlea

June 29, 2009

Anne of Avonlea 007

We name all of the Bags for Zaza after books, and this is one of my favorite bags, so I picked one of my favorite books, Anne of Avonlea.  This chic little purse has an extra long strap to sling over your shoulder.  It is made of vintage scraps of table cloths, quilts, a beadspread and Calvin Klein jeans.  I know there is someone out there that this little shabby gem was made especially for.  It will be up for auction this week with all the proceeds going toward bringing home our little girl from Colombia.  You can see many more pictures (and click for zoomed-in shots) on the BFZ site:  Please share this with your friends and help spread the word!

A Bag for Zaza!!!

June 12, 2009


My mother made this beautiful handbag to be auctioned for our adoption of Zaza, our little Colombian princess…. who is still in Colombia waiting for us to come and get her.

To bid on the bag please go to:

To read our adoption news, please go to:

Yes, we’ve been on a sewing sabbatical, but we are slowly getting back in the swing of things.  Please keep checking back at Bags 4 Zaza for more beautiful creations.

Jennie is Back….

April 23, 2009

After a long week in bed, my sister-in-law Jennie is back in the land of the living!  Hooray!  There are three bags posted on for your bidding pleasure.  All proceeds go toward the adoption of our little Zaza from Colombia.


And another sneak peak…..


Thanks for your support!

Wacky Wednesday

April 15, 2009

Today is the first of hopefully many more Wacky Wednesdays at  At 8:00 p.m. tonight there are several items being sold…. to the first lucky person to leave a message saying “Mine!” and their name.  The prices are set and postage is included.  There will be bags and other new items never before seen on Bags for Zaza.  I haven’t even seen them, and Jennie wouldn’t send me pictures…. so I’m waiting like the rest of you.  We will still have the “normal” carrier bags for auction soon.  Never fear, we just got bogged down with life momentarily.

Thanks again, you wonderful people, for supporting our adoption of Zaza from Colombia.  It has been over 14 months since we were approved and have been awaiting our referral call.  Bags for Zaza has been a tremendous success in raising funds to bring Zaza home.  Thanks for checking it out, telling others, bidding, leaving comments and for loving us.  You’re the BEST!

Don’t have the latest lavender Giraffe Bag?

March 20, 2009


Bags for Zaza is here for you.  This beauty is up for auction until Monday morning.

Help bring Zaza home and sport a one of a kind silk and velvet giraffe purse.  Honest, you’ll be a trend setter.  No one else has caught onto the lavender giraffe look yet.  YOU can be the first!

Changin’ it up at BFZ

March 17, 2009


The format for the auctioning of the bags on Bags for Zaza changed!  We now are aiming at having a bag available every single day, instead of down time on Sunday and Monday.  SO, this beautiful tote is up for auction until Wednesday monring, March 18th.  Yes, those plush dots are velvet!  It’s a beauty; I’ve seen it with my own eyeballs.  Enlarge the pictures and take a look here:

In case you’re new here to MSJ, BFZ is a fund raiser for the adoption of our little princess from Colombia.  She was affectionately nicknamed Zaza by her auntie in Canada who started the blog to auction handmade, one of a kind purses and carrier bags. They are all made with donations and upscaled fabrics and is eco-friendly.  We’ve had some astonishing designer donations of fabric samples that are over $100 a yard.  They are so gorgeous! 

Thanks for your support!  I can’t wait to post a picture of Zaza’s little face on here for you to see the little girl you helped come home. 

~Blessings, Linda 

For adoption news:

For my site:

Bag for Baby-san

March 9, 2009

Our youth pastor’s wife if having a baby boy any minute now and back in November she requested an oriental diaper bag.  Well, give me an idea and I’ll run with it!  One whole day up at Scrapping in the Pines turned out to be Sewing in the Pines for me.  The pattern had some glitches, but it turned out really cool and she loved it.  Just had to share for those who love sewing, Oriental fabrics, babies, etc.


You can barely see it, but I used the front side of a coat for the red pocket and left the little frogs, or knotted ties, sticking up from the front of the pocket.  They’re purely fashionable, not functional.



I have quite a bit of shiny fabric left over so I’ll be bring the Oriental touch to Bags for Zaza here in the next few months.

Bags for Zaza … Check ’em out!

March 4, 2009


I haven’t heard a total from my sister-in-law in a few months, but my guess is the Bags For Zaza is nearing $4,500!  That is so awesome, thanks to YOU!  Our little Zaza will be home soon thanks to bidders, commenters, tellers-of-friends, etc.  There are two bags this week: one a dingle-ball hot pink number and one  zig-zag blue and brown wonder.


The auctions end on Saturday, so you have plenty of time to bid and tell your friends.  :o)

Bags for Zaza is Showing Off

February 11, 2009

There are two beautiful bags this week… ending on Valentine’s Day.  This would be a good blog to forward to your husband if you like these bags! 


My mom made the first one and my sister-in-law, Jennie, made the next one.  Doggone-it!  I can’t get Jennie’s picture to load.  Well, go see it in real time here:  All proceeds go to bring our little Colombian home to her forever family.  By the way, we have officially been working on this for 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days.  Whew.