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New Bags are Up for Auction

January 20, 2009


Two newbies needing homes.

Check ’em out.  Bid and help bring Zaza home!

Adoption rocks!

The BAGS are BACK!

January 12, 2009


After of month vacation from the sewing machines, the Bags for Zaza seamstresses are back in action whipping up designer delights for your viewing, bidding and wearing pleasure!  Just a little reminder, the bags are eco-friendly, made from donations or purchases from second-hand stores.  It’s truly remarkable the treasures that can be made from pre-loved fabrics.  Each bag is unique and original.  There will never be another exactly like it.  So if you like something you see, bid now, or you’ll miss out.


Bags for Zaza is an adoption fundraiser started by my sister-in-law, Jennie.  Her and her husband are also in the process of adopting three children that have been in their family for over 7 years (I think!).  We are adopting a little girl from Colombia and Jennie had it on her heart to start some kind of fundraiser to help with our international adoption expenses.  It has truly been a blessing to all involved!  Bags for Zaza has raised over $4500 and is still sewing!  About 96% of the money raised is for Zaza’s adoption; the remainder is spent on thread and sewing needles.

We are in month number 12 of waiting for our referral call.  Over the Christmas holidays, we updated our homestudy raising the age of the child from 3-4 years to 3-6 years.  We never considered that our children would also be growing older as we waited!  Duh!  We’re hoping this speeds up our waiting time.

2009 is Zaza’s year to come home!

Become a part of adoption, bid on a bag:

Ladybugs, Kisses & Hugs!

November 25, 2008


Who wouldn’t want ladybugs and kisses-n-hugs on Thanksgiving???  Please check out and bid on a bag and help bring out little Zaza home from Colombia!  Thanks!  You’re the bomb, baby.

After-Veterans-Day Bags Have Arrived

November 12, 2008

Bags For Zaza took a day breather this week and the bags, well most of them, posted this morning.  There’s something for everyone… the career woman, the teenager, the traveler, the book worm, the chic shopper.  I was the delinquent picture sender as I worked past midnight and went to bed mad at the bag.  The flap was too long and went to the bottom edge of the front of the purse.  It just didn’t look right and the length would be a bother when digging inside.  After many futile attempts at tricky solutions, I gave up and hit the sack. 

Fortunately, I awoke with visions of grandeur and a fringy idea.  Here are the results of 7.5 hours of sleep:


For those new to MSJ, Bags for Zaza is an adoption fundraiser to help bring home our little girl from Colombia.  We have requested a daughter between the ages of 3 and 7… and chances are really high that she will have black hair, like her daddy.  BFZ was started by my sister-in-law, Jennie, who is also adopting a sibling group of three kids who happen to be the same ages as our three children.  Incidentally, Jennie is also the one who bequeathed the name Zaza for our little girl.  We hoped and prayed that we could raise $500 for this worthy cause.  Well, we haven’t heard official tally numbers in a while (due to double staffing with our head seamstress and bookkeeper) but I believe it’s nearing $4,000!  Woooo HOoooo! 

A heartfelt thanks to bidders, sewers, auction junkies and YOU for going over, taking a looksie and telling ALL your friends about Bags for Zaza.

Zaza’s Bags are Back!

September 1, 2008

After a week of holidays, we’re back in full force.  Here’s a sampling of the gems up on the auction block.

There’s something for everyone… little ladies…. farm girls…. cool teenagers…

This 70s charmer is a peak for next week.

I’ve been busy sewing this week.  It’s because Scrapping in the Pines is in four more sleeps… a four day scrapbooking retreat in the coolness of Prescott, AZ.  Ahhhhhh.  So I’ll be busy scrapping, not sewing this coming week.  Trying to stay on top of it all. 

Keeve is much better today.  I’m amazed at how wounds inside the mouth heal so quickly.  Yesterday was pudding and jello.  Today was corn-on-the-cob and birthday cake.  (Happy 71st Birthday, Dad!)