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A Homeschooling Day at LAKE Academy

February 4, 2009


Just wanted to post about my life…. here… homeschooling …. stuck in the house… with two wild hockey players… who continually interact in positive and negative ways…. and my daughter who is quiet and well behaved.  Today was a contest of brother bugging to bubonic plague proportions. 

Mistake #1was having them face each other… albeit at opposite ends of a long table.  Facial expressions are prime examples of lack of self control, in my humble, motherly-school head mistress opinion.  I have one son who is related to Speedy Gonzales, and another who is a direct descendant of the Pokey Little Puppy.  It’s truly comical how God can make such DIFFERENT boys from the same gene pool.  Speedy zoomed through his assignments, leaving the teacher searching for more activities, without making it seem like he really is doing WAY more work than Pokey.  But he’s older…. I justify in my mind. 

Finally at the height of my pushing and prodding, I announced blackmail terms.  Speedy had to memorize a poem with three stanzas… and recite it with only three errors in order to eat lunch.  Pokey had to finish long division problem #28 before his pie hole was filled.  I made a nutritious pot of macky-cheese… their favorite, to prime the poetic and problem solving pumps.

After the third attempt, from the now STARVING Speedy, I let him slide with four errors.  He slathered the noodles with ketchup (it’s a Canadian thing, you wouldn’t understand) and began noisily eating the most scrumptious bowl of carbs on earth…. dramatics were for Pokey to be jealous.   FINALLY Pokey said, “Mom, I finished number 28.”  And he had.  I neglected to tell him that he did indeed have to complete all the numbered long division problems in between 1 and 28.  I sent Pokey back to the table.  He did finish eventually and the pot of cheesey goodness was down to an edible temperature for Pokey to enjoy.

Currently, Pokey is outside sitting upside down on the yard swing memorizing his poem.  Speedy is upstairs doing his self-imposed workout of sit-ups, pull-ups and push-ups.  He does hundreds.. daily….. and has the abs to prove it.  Amazing.  They are both amazing in their own special way.