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It’s In the Mail!

June 1, 2010

Today we sent off Larisa’s entry for the prom dress contest.  I still am having a hard time believing that the first prize is $50,000 for college and a $1,000 gift card for JoAnn’s stores.  $50,000….. that’s a lot of money to win when you’re between the ages of 14 and 18!   OK, that’s a lot of money to win when you’re 44 too!  We spent a total of $60 for everything including the supplies to make the mask.  So if the total prizes awarded are $74,450, and if the average girl spent the same as us (however, we got off easy with sales and coupons) there would need to be 1,240 entries …. and that’s not even breaking even if you count the actual cost to JoAnn’s for the materials.  On the JoAnn’s site it stated that there were hundreds of entries last year….. only HUNDREDS… not thousands.

 The twenty finalists that have to send in their dress and the accessory the created are notified on or about July 2nd.  Thirty-two days and counting.

The contest is judged on workmanship/skill level, originality and level of detail shown in the photographs.  Not that I’m the mom, or biased, or anything like that, but I really believe Larisa stands a good chance of being a finalist.  Of course, I haven’t seen any of the other hundreds of entries, but my girl did a fabulous job, especially with the hand-beading in her own design on the waistband.

This is the photo we submitted for the shot of the accessory…..because we needed a closer view of her fuchsia design on the waistband. 

Here is last year’s winner: They have really upped the prizes since last year.  Wow!

My Girl’s Pink Dress

April 17, 2010

My 16-year-old found out about a contest called Own Your Look put on by JoAnn’s craft stores where girls ages 14-18 make their prom dress!  She asked if she could enter…. and showed me the prize list…. unbelievably, first prize is $50,000 for college.  I said, “Of course you’re entering!”     Duh!

Larisa has sewn before… but not a prom dress.  She’s made quilts, purses, funky skirts, groovy t-shirt modifications, pillows, etc.  This was one small step for man and one giant step for mankind.  So……. Day #1….a day of prom dress shopping commenced, including lunch at the mall, of course.  She tried on all sorts of dresses and she fell in love with one.  A simple gray number with one rose-covered shoulder and a high waistband.  It fit her perfectly. 

Day #2… shopping for a pattern.  This sounds all easy and fun, and it kind of was.  It was just long and drawn out and we should have gotten ice cream first… or at least some chocolate.  We did locate and purchase a pattern however many alterations would be necessary to build the gray dress.

Day #3…. shopping for fabric, zipper, thread, mask, feathers, etc. etc.  We took Grandma along that time because she took home ec for 14 years.  (haha) As soon as we picked her up, she said we should start with Starbucks!  (See why we brought her!)  We wandered around and around JoAnn’s looking for fabric in the right color and right texture.  We wandered so long that Grandma had to go sit in the pattern book section while Larisa and I wandered some more.  THEN, with the cart full of goodies, Larisa casually commented, “Mom, you know I don’t have a date for prom and I’m not old enough to go alone.”  WHAT?!?  Maybe we should have talked through this little blip before Day #3!  All was finally settled.  She needed the money for college.  We would find a date.  Turns out the homeschool prom allows girls to invite girls.  Good!  (Good grief!)

Days #4-23 were spent praying on our knees before the sewing machine.  (I’m kind of kidding.)  Larisa did a marvelous job sewing this dress!  I did not sew one blinkin’ pink thing on the gown.  All her!  And her hand beading is meticulous and gorgeous. She designed fuchsia flowers, instead of the common roses, with beads hanging out of each one.  Beautiful.  She found a fuchsia drawing online and reworked it to fit the waist band…. I am so proud of her.  She also made a mask, as an accessory for the contest.  Enjoy the photos!

The contest isn’t until summer, but believe me, I’ll keep you posted!  Did I mention that I’m so proud of her!?!