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Accountability Group Mtg. #4

January 30, 2009


(Cheer up, Dad.  You weigh less than Hulk Hogan!)

Yeah, yeah.  You thought I was avoiding the issue, didn’t you?  I forgot.  Here’s the skinny:

Total pounds lost this week:  0   Total pounds lost in 2009:  7.8

And Rickey (the Canadian) is holding at 11 total pounds lost in 2009.  (I WILL WIN! Not that I’m competitive at all.)

So the good news is…. I’m not gaining.  The really good optimistic news is that if I keep up the 7.8 pounds per month… I’ll be down 62.4 pounds by the first of Sept.  Quit rolling your eyes at me!  I’m trying a few new techniques this coming week…. no Starbucks  (I’m finally out of gift cards),  no apple pie (it was only in the house because I forgot to put it in the oven when guests were here), and a few walks in the park to improve circulation and oxygen intake.  Hey, start small.

I also find it helpful when I make a meal list so that I have all the ingredients needed AND I can see the list and pick something that I’m craving.  This pick and choose through the freezer when I’m starving is not working well.  I keep resorting to eating peanut butter out of the jar.  Protein, right???  Have you read how much sugar is in creamy Skippy?  No wonder it’s addicting.

Any suggestions?  I’m WIDE open.