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Go Diamondbacks!

August 14, 2011

Last night was homeschool night at the Diamondback’s baseball game.  Naturally we asked the kids who was interested in going.  With one glance at the calendar, I realized it was transforming into date night… not family night at the ballpark.  Our eldest was babysitting. Our two youngest were invited to a birthday party. And my personal favorite opt-out excuse was from our eldest son…. who was heading downtown to feed the homeless.  What can you say to that?  “See you after the seventh inning stretch!” 

Lo and behold, it was also Bark at the Park night…. where people take their dogs to the game.  A BASEBALL game.  Good grief.  I’m not really a dog lover, but we do have a dog.  I wouldn’t dream of taking her to a game.  One question ran amuck in my mind all during the game…. where do they do their business?  Seriously… who thought of this??? Instead of the Kiss-Cam during the breaks between innings, there was the Pooch Smooch.  It was really sort of sad.  Will they have cat night next?  Or guinea pig night?

Another distraction was a group of three girls who were probably eight or nine, who weren’t actually supposed to be sitting in front of us, but they ended up there.  I discovered that they just met each other, but I would never have guessed by the way they were brushing each other’s hair, sharing chapstick and hugging one another.  I love that kids make friends so easily.  I didn’t have the heart to ask them to sit down 27 times so I could see the game that I wasn’t really interested in a whole lot.

Distraction #27 was the heat.  I realize we live in Phoenix, Arizona, but there was some humidity last night that made the 102 degrees feel like 112.  Metal seats didn’t aid the situation.

Distraction #87 was my sweet husband, who is not a baseball fan, repeatedly asking questions about rules, plays and all those numbers and letters on the scoreboard.  I’m not sure his appreciation of the American pastime grew at all last night, but he seemed to have a good time. And he did participate in the wave.

To top off the night, the D-backs won 6 to 4…. which means we eat three free tacos each at Taco Bell tonight.  Every time they score at least six runs, the next day is free tacos.  Thanks to the D-backs high scoring season, we have cut our grocery bill quite a bit with free taco night!  Yes!