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Classic Elderly Gentlemen

March 17, 2011

My daughter and I were out about town and, oh, did we have some good laughs brought on by some GREAT old men. 

We were entering Walgreens when we noticed a line at the register of four or five people… including a heavily tattooed young woman and an elderly gentleman.  The man either needed hearing aids or simply had a booming voice… which could be heard throughout the store as he commented to the young woman, “Darlin’, you’ll grow to regret them tattoos!”  Larisa and I both burst out laughing as we made our way out of sight.  I’m sure his comment and volume made that young woman’s day!  Classic!

An hour later, we were eating In-N-Out burgers in the parking lot and a silver old-school mini van pulls in towing a light green fishing boat.  The small type of vessel that holds four people on a good day, and three elderly fishermen on a sunny day like today.  Sitting in the middle of the boat was a while plastic lawn chair…. for back support, I’m guessing??  The men slowly climbed out of the van…. VERY slowly.  These men were in their 80s at least.  The tallest of the bunch exited the van and we had the pleasure of viewing his outdoor adventure attire:  camouflage pants and a white t-shirt that said “Shut Up and Fish!” on the back.  Another burst of laughter without forewarning.  Classic!

In-N-Out Burger! YES!

November 9, 2010

My husband and youngest son accompanied me to In-N-Out tonight.  It’s so much cheaper to go without half of your kids!  Keeve asked if he could have a milkshake with his dinner…. he got lemonade instead… and was reasonably happy with it.  Part way through my cheeseburger with grilled onions, I noticed a mother in the far corner of the restaurant.  Being a mother, I could read all the tell-tale signs of a stressed out mama.  It was dark outside and she had her sunglasses on….. hence, no make-up… and probably puffy eyes from crying.  Two little kids, ages 4 and 2, who were not dressed warmly enough now that Arizona has gone below 90.  Her two-year-old son was half-crying and half-whining the entire time they were in the restaurant. How draining! The little girl had In-N-Out stickers all up and down her arms…. a distraction device. 

My sympathies were already going out to her…. then I noticed her four-year-old daughter barfing.  Compelled by mother-power, I went over and asked if I could help.  I asked the little girl if she felt better and she said, “Yep!” Then she took a french fry, dipped it in ketchup and put it in her mouth.  Kids recover so quickly!  The mama was still holding a tray of her daughter’s previously eaten dinner.  She asked if I could get an employee to help clean up…. so I did.  But they didn’t move fast enough for me, so I sent my husband to prod them along.  The kind kid took the tray away and soon showed up back at their table with a milkshake for the little girl.  How sweet!

Our non-milkshake-drinking son was flabbergasted, “She got a milkshake.  Maybe I should barf!”  Such sympathy and empathy.  Made me proud.  {sigh}

Not two minutes later I watched as the milkshake was sadly dumped accidentally on the floor.  I went back to the counter to find another clean-up crew member for them.

I remember those days.  Counting down the hours until bedtime.  Bedtime moving up by two hours.  Exhaustion.  Loneliness. 

I was proud of the other mother for holding herself together in shaky times.  She did good.  She was still kind to her oblivious children.  She didn’t yell.  She still held them tenderly.  Mothers ROCK!

How We Celebrated Elvis’ Birthday

January 9, 2009

January 8, 2009. It started out as any ordinary day in the Crosby household… yet, ordinary days for the Crosbys are not that ordinary, I’ve come to realize. I needed to get some blood work done for our adoption physicals and packed up the boys, who chose to wear hats instead of combing their grossly, grown-out hair. (Sad news about scissors is coming their way later.)

We checked in at the lab and 23 of the 24 chairs in the waiting room were filled. oh yes, I counted! NOT a good sign. The boys decided to sit on a sofa in the lobby and play video games. Fine. After 45 minutes, I asked how much longer until my name was called. Another half hour. I went to the lobby to inform the boys and Austin pointed to his brother across the room without looking up from his game and calmly stated, “He’s choking.”

There I found Keeve crying, chocking, sweaty and red. He ran to the bathroom and threw up his breakfast. (My apologies if you’re eating while reading.) After much questioning, he explained that he swallowed the metal end of a cowboy belt…. and it was stuck in his throat. This son of mine has swallowed ridiculously stupid objects for years… but this one was BIG in comparison.

Fortunately, we were across the street from the ER and arrived in three minutes.  X-rays were taken… and boy does metal show up well.


The nurses were going to give him a numbing drink for his throat before putting in an IV to put him asleep for the removal of said metal object. Right before that all happened he threw up again…. into a blue plastic bag with a 5″ metal rim that I was holding for such a time as this. Keeve informed me that the end of the belt came out. Praise God. So the boys enjoyed Popsicles, Keeve was given a high dose of Motrin for swelling and pain, we paid $150…. and then we went to In-N-Out Burger…. for Elvis’ birthday. Get it? In-N-Out… so appropriate for the morning’s festivities!

We made a quick stop at a store for a dog muzzle for Keeve (just kidding), I can’t remember what we were shopping for. But Austin suggested, “Since you just spent $150 on Keeve, can you buy me a toy?” Um, no. (Austin’s ER visits triple the rest of the four family members put together.)

Later, when the excitement wore off, we did take in an advanced showing of Hotel for Dogs, (we renamed it Heartbreak Hotel for Dogs, being on Elvis’ birthday and all) which turned out to be an adoption movie… for dogs and kids. Yes, I cried in the end. Then we went to the Coyotes game against the Lightning. We wondered if it might be the last time we see Mark Recchi play here in Phoenix??  I hope not, but he is 41 this year.

The ordinary day ended with us picking up our beloved computer. Sweetness. Now to find all the start-up discs for the web-cam and the printer. Good grief, where do those things hide???