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The Number Two

September 27, 2008

Interesting how life comes at you. This week was obviously brought to us by the Number Two at the Crosby household. In retrospect, I’m wondering if there is a pattern that rotates week by week through the numbers zero to nine, and I just never noticed???

What is she talking about? you ask yourself. Let me briefly explain the twos of this week.

Two flat tires on two different cars two days apart…. weird, I know. Rick called me one evening and shouted in a half-frantic voice over a very loud vibrating noise, “I think my tire is going flat,” BLAM! “Yep, my tire just blew. I’ll call you later.” I never said a word to him, I just listened to the story as it occurred in real time. Two days later Rick woke me up at 5:00 a.m. (two and a half hours TOO early) to tell me that my van had a flat tire and he had to go to work. Of course, it was one of the days I had to drive somewhere….

Emails have arrived this week from two different ladies, both introducing themselves as our new adoption case worker at our new agency, Gladney Center for Adoption. I still haven’t figured that one out. I’m simply glad for double man-power aimed at Zaza’s file in Texas.

We have two extra kids for the next two days.

And my all time favorite TWO of the week,  the two Beatrix Potter Collection books.  I was digging through the books at Goodwill and came across said BP book FULL of her original illustrations of bunnies in jackets with brass buttons.  Slowly I paged my way through Benjamin, Jemima Puddle Duck, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and all the others. They were all there in full glory.  Already piled in my cart were important and pertinent books that corresponded to our current and upcoming homeschool units.  So with a sigh, knowing we did not NEED it, I put Beatrix and her friends back on the shelf. (Did I fail to mention that Miss. Potter is my all time favorite movie?)  The next day I received a wrapped gift from my friend Darla.  She smiled and told me it was for Zaza’s birthday, because we don’t know when her birthday is yet and we’ve known and loved her for a year and a half, so we obviously missed her birthday.  Yes, it was the exact same hardcover Beatrix Potter Collection book that I longingly drooled over.  Inside her garage sale find Darla wrote, “For Zaza!  It’s your mama’s favorite book!”   :o)

If next week is brought to us by the number nine, I’m hoping for nine days under 85 degrees, nine coupon books in Sunday’s paper, nine phone calls from long distant friends and gas for 99 cents.