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Nora Brings Down the House!

May 16, 2013

Every day I need to write down the hilarious sayings from my little Colombian princess.  Here are a few from this week.

Me: (asking my dad) Do you know why the flags are at half mass?

Dad: No.

Nora: Maybe they’re broken.


Nora: Mom, do you shrink when you are a grandma?

Me: Yes, you get a little bit shorter.

Nora: I’m going to be a mini grandma!


We were all riding in the truck pacing for my son on his bicycle (who rides behind the truck to practice going faster with drafting.) We went down the same stretch of road twice and then Nora said, “We should let him go first this time!”


Riding in the back seat of the truck with the windows down, Nora yells, “I can’t breathe. The air is in my face!”


Nora: Mom, do you know how to dance like a princess?

Me: I don’t think so.

Nora: All you do is point your toes and make your arms go like this (slowly puts her arms out)…. but you also need a prince.


A really loud motorcycle went by our car and Nora put her hand to her chest and lamented, “I think that broke my heart!”


Nora helped me make a salad from a bag kit.  She mixed it all up and then asked me, “Do you want me to put on the drussian?”   (I think that might be Russian dressing???)


Nora caught a whiff of her sweaty brothers after street hockey and said to her sister, “Boys stink!”  Larisa said, “Girls stink too.”  To which she flabbergastedly replied, “REALLY?  I did not know that!”


Her bedtime prayers make me want to giggle.  She tells God that she hopes he has a good day.  She thanks him for the food and then explains to him that she knows it’s not time to eat but she is thankful we have food.  She often says, “Thank you God for me.”  I love it!

Nine-Year-Old Tales

August 9, 2012

I bring to you today MORE Nora-isms.  Our beautiful little Colombian princess says PRICELESS tidbits daily!  They bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face…. and often a giggle to my lips.

1.)  Nora, to her 7-year-old cousin, Luke, “Hey, my friend’s dad has a truck just like that one!”

Luke, “Which one, the Dodge?”

Nora, “No, the blue one.”  (Same truck!  hahahaha!)

2.)  When we just had Christmas in July with family friends, Nora opened the fantastic purple girl’s Lego car from the Friends collection and was THRILLED!  When asked how much she liked it she replied, “A million!

3.)  Tonight at the dinner table Nora said, “I was looking out the window and I think that giant white rat, Stuart Little, is out there watching us.  I think he is saying, ‘That is a nice family!’  Mom, we should adopt him.”

4.)  Nora:  Mom, did you just say anniversary?

Me:  No, I said birthday.  Do you know what an anniversary is?

Nora:  Yea, it’s a big party with rocking and roll.  (She experienced our 25th Anniversary party!)

5.)  Nora tells me her dreams often…. her latest one:  “Mom, I had a dream that you were down in the ground and we pulled you out and you had no legs but you were still alive.  ……..  Do you like that?”

6.)  “Mom, I’m going to ask God when I go up heaven why we have dreams.  Dreams are awkward.”


I love Little Kids

January 15, 2012

Luke, our nephew, came for a hike with us last weekend.  I am SO entertained by the sayings that come out of his little 7-year-old mouth!  This was a hike on a preserve where there are also mountain bike riders as well as people on horseback pounding the trails with us pedestrians.  Nora and Luke were hiking a bit ahead of my husband and I, when we noticed that they stopped and were analyzing something on the trail that lay between them.  As we approached, we saw the it was horse poop.  I asked, “What in the world is that?”  Luke answered right away, “It’s poop from a cow.”  We have never seen cows on the hills behind our house!  Ever!  And we’ve seen the horses getting in and out of their trailers at the trail head.  It made me laugh.  Obviously a city-fied boy…. once you’ve seen a cow pie, you could hardly mistake them for horse droppings!

A half hour later, we had come to a T in the path and turned west, having never gone that way previously.  My husband suggested that we take a picture of the trail map (from the trail head) when we get back so we could figure out where we had hiked.  I remarked that the trails are probably on a state website and we could just look them up on the computer.  Luke chimed in stating the obvious that I had obviously missed, “Auntie Linda, there aren’t any computers out here!”  As if to say DUH!

Last year when Luke was in kindergarten, every time I saw him I would ask him if he went to school that day (even on holidays and weekends.)  Did his teacher show up?  Did she teach him anything he didn’t already know?  And I tried with great effort to get him to raise his hand in class and ask, “When are you going to teach me something I don’t already know.”  I coached him.  I prodded.  I modeled. But he never asked.  Smart kid.

Another Funny Crosby

October 16, 2011

Nora says the funniest things sometimes!  Here’s just a few of her latest crazy comments for you to enjoy.

We were going to a dinner put on by Austin’s youth leaders.  We walked in the door and one of the leaders puts his hand up for Nora to give him a high-five.  Before raising her hand she asked, Are your hands clean?”

Today after church, Nora came out singing a song, “Where You go, I’ll go. Where You stay, I’ll stay. When You moon, I’ll moon. I will follow you.”  Moon should have been MOVE.  Made a whole new meaning for that song!

We were having tacos one night and Austin had made himself two tacos and set them on the table.  Then my husband asked him to go do something quickly before he started eating.  Before Austin left the kitchen he announced, “Make sure Keeve doesn’t eat my tacos!”  We all chuckled and said “ok”.  A few minutes later Keeve walked into the kitchen.  Nora pointed to Austin’s tacos and said, “Keeve, you want those tacos?”

We were having a lazy school day and Larisa, Nora and I were sitting around the kitchen table at 2:00.  Larisa looked at my haphazard appearance and asked if I brushed my hair.  I replied, “No, but I brushed my teeth, put on deodorant, shaved my legs and put on clean underwear.”  Looking all put together, brushed and shiny, Nora added, “I didn’t.”  We laughed and questioned, “Didn’t what?”  “Put on clean underwear.” 

And a few of her Spanglish sayings to wrap up this ditty:

“Bike Rike” – it’s when you ride your bike and rake the yard simultaneously.

“Peeksa” – checking in the oven if the pizza is ready.

Waddoh – the wet stuff that comes out of the waddoh tap.

What dat means? – this is not about a mean dad.

Candaler –  I think a person with dyslexia taught her to say calendar.