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Please Help Me Welcome….

September 20, 2008

My baby sister, Christy, has made it to the blog world.  Finally her youngest started kindergarten and she doesn’t know what to do with herself now.  The bon bon box is empty.  It’s a natural transition from busy mom to blogstar.  Please go read her posts and comment on how darling her children are.  She’s over there in my blogroll under Christy B’s Blog.

She grew up thinking that she wasn’t craftsy (different from crafty) because I was the older sister, born with a glue gun in my hand.  Well, she sang and sang and sang (til we were all pretty sick of it… well, not mom.) from age two on and has a fabulous voice and majored in vocal performance.  Our parents always encouraged us in our separate talents so we all thought we were stars.  :o)  Anyway, all that to say, she moved to Washington state and grew a craftsy arm and now makes FABULOUS scrapbooks and cutesy cards that she SELLS in a little boutique.  She made the jar and journal pictured at the top of this blog. 

And her scrapbook room is to die for…. right off the kitchen for easy scrapability.  I’m completely envious.  Christy, you should do a blog on your scrap room.  Seriously.  It’s its own work of art… all matchy matchy in brown and pink.  Too cute.  OK, I might even have a picture of it….  YES!

And that’s only the main wall… there’s shelves and boxes and all cute brown and pink stuff.  She even made the clock match with pink bling bling.  Soon she’ll be changing the letters on the hanging sing to BLOGSTAR.  Just you watch.

Welcome, Christy!  I look forward to reading your writing.  You always keep me laughing.