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My Bucket List

May 30, 2010

Tonight I pulled out a journaling book that I started in 2007… it has in it, among other gatherings of words… my Bucket List.  One hundred things I want to do in my lifetime.  It’s been at least a year since I went through the list… that only goes up to 72 at the moment.  When I accomplish a listed item I highlight it.  There were eight lines highlighted already.  Surprisingly, tonight I highlighted three items from 2009 that were accomplished. 

I read somewhere long ago that if you write down your goals your brain grasps onto them subconsciously and even if you’re not remembering them… you are drawn to accomplish them.  I’m not sure if I believed that until I was married about 14 years and came across my scrapbook from my senior year of high school.  There was a page for 1 year, 5 year and 10 year goals.  What 18-year-old has any clue what they will be doing when they are 28???  Please.  Unbelievably, all the goals that I wrote down had been successfully completed… without me remembering that I jotted them in my scrapbook in 1984

Back to tonight and my Bucket List.  In case you live in a cave, a movie came out a few years back called the Bucket List and the premise was about two old guys determined to live out life’s wishes before they kicked the bucket.  I never saw it.  Anywho…. I highlighted three lines on my list tonight.

#10.  Take the kids on a missions trip.  Larisa, Austin and I went to La Mision, Mexico last summer… and it was Austin’s first time seeing an impoverished city.  It changed him, as I knew it would.  My 11-year-old son still is on the list to go, but I highlighted it anyway.  I firmly believe every American kid needs to see poverty, desperate need, and the happiness that is still available in spite of living conditions.  We are so spoiled blessed.

#51. Live close to the church.  For more than 10 years we have driven 30 minutes to church.  When your kids want to get more involved… an hour round-trip is a long way.  When gas is over $3 a gallon, every little trip counts.  Little did I know that we would be changing churches in 2009 and the new one is 8 minutes away.  Glory!

#61.  Publish a book for married women.  Last September my book Learning to Laugh in the Midst of Marriage came out.  Sweet! The book was not even started when I made the list!  See…. subconsciously!

Some of my other entries include traveling to far away spots on God’s green earth that I have studied and long to see.  Others involve helping others, teaching the kids new tricks, taking an emergency truck ramp…. quit laughing… they are so tempting,  learning a few tricks myself and reaching many for God’s kingdom.  I believe 2010 will bring at least three more highlighted lines… maybe more!

Do you have a Bucket List?

I Got Plastered in Mexico

July 31, 2009

Mexico 09 024

I wish the picture showed it better, but on the front of my shirt covering most of the southwest is a huge blob of plaster.  Yes, I walked into a house in La Mision, Mexico that was being mudded and taped and knocked the spatula tool right out of the guy’s hand.  It hit me on the way down and also coated my shirt, sunglasses, jeans, flip-flops and feet.  NICE!  It’s the first time I’ve ever been able to say that I was plastered in Mexico.  Literally.

We had a GREAT time this week.  I was asked sort of last minute to go with the youth on the missions trip.  Sooooo last minute that I neglected blogging for three days before we left…. and now we’re home.  Thankfully, my husband was left with the secret blogging MSJ password so he could let you know what was going on.

It was quick 5 day trip but was filled with ministry in many locations in the lush coastal valley of La Mision.  The “city” lies an hour south on the border on the Pacific Ocean between Rosarito and Ensenada.  And can I just say that it was a blessed relief to be in cooler temperatures in July and away from Phoenix.  We left our windows open.  We wore t-shirts and capris day and night.  We sucked in the ocean air.  We loved on the people of La Mision.

Mexico 09 089

Here is the Reader’s Digest version of what we did in our three full days there:  purchased basics for 15 food boxes, distributed the boxes to needy homes and prayed for the families, put up dry-wall on the ceiling in a 1,500 sq. ft. room of the daycare, helped with the children at the daycare, went door-to-door handing out fliers for two events, visited an orphanage, performed street ministry with drama, had a “gratis comida” Night (free food!) where we BBQ-ed 160 hot dogs, put in a wooden floor in a mud-floored home, distributed clothing, bedding, shoes and toys to many families, played soccer every night (and were severely beaten by the locals), cleaned a yard of debris (that filled the back of a wide work truck), laid a stone path and spoke at the local church.  It was awesome and I’m exhausted.

Besides the plastered story there are several other entertaining bits including a horse lying in the road, the Sandlot dog experience relived, a bucking-bronco van ride, boiling water rituals, the burro video, eternally cooked beans and mucho more!  Please stay tuned.