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Yesterday, 25 Years Ago….

May 10, 2012

I married the man of my dreams!  It hardly seems possible that we have made it to our silver anniversary.  That is for old people.  And after 25 long, memorable years, are you wondering how we celebrated?  Not only is Rick sick (with a fever and chills and cold) but he is also in Texas at SimCom, renewing his pilot training.  I’m at home with our four lovely children.  Big celebration, right?  Wrong.

However, we did throw a shindig last Saturday, that beat the band!  I’ve been dreaming of decorating for a party for a few years now…. all shabby chic, bird cages, vintage books, roses, old picture frames and lace.  Pinterest has held my interest in this avenue for quite some time now.  All my decorating dreams came true for our 25th celebration.  Here is my photo tribute to Rickey, my knight in shining armor, who tore up the dance floor and didn’t mind all the fru-fru in the house.

The Love Birds name tag table on the front porch.  I love birdies.

Here was our guest book table and my wedding dress…. 25 years later.

These were the thank you gift bags that my friend Ginny made.  They were darling.  We put nuts in the bags and the tags said “Still nuts about each other after 25 years!”  See, corny! But it made us laugh!

Another friend of mine, Darla, helped me assemble the largest collection of pink, white and brown edible delicacies this side of the Mississippi.  It was a sugar-loving haven.

We displayed the dress my mother wore to the wedding as well as my banana-yellow going-away suit.  :o)

The party was such fun!  Yes, I’m saving all the decorations for the next family wedding, or baby shower, or birthday, or retirement party, etc.

Homeschool Science

March 30, 2010

Science has been a love of mine since I figured out how to work our National Geographic microscope…. it opened up a whole new world for me and my children.  I remember having them look at salt granules nine years ago… they were 2, 4 and 7.  Not much has changed since then… other than all those cute baby teeth falling by the wayside.  They still look through the eye piece with awe.

  Here is Anton after a fresh perm.

We are currently studying the immune system, microscopes and the men that used them.  I’ll admit it…. Anton van Leeuwenhoek is my all time favorite.  The guy was a seller of cloth in Delft, Holland and used a homemade microscope to examine the quality of the weaving.  He also sold ribbon, lace and buttons.  See why he’s my fav?  That’s not all….  I read a story once about his study of lice and he actually kept several living in his sock for days.  Finally they bugged him too much, pun intended, and he removed his little friends.  That story has stuck in my mind for a decade.  Gross me out.

 This was his microscope.

Back to 2010, I sent the boys outside to find some stagnant ground water and fill their little viles.  I knew this would not be an easy task in Phoenix in 86 degree weather.  They set out on their bikes and returned 30 minutes later…. viles full.  Keeve’s contains crystal clear water… well, at least to the naked almost 44-year-old eye.  I’m sure there are little guys swimming in there that we have yet to view under the scope.  Austin, on the other hand, brought back a vile teaming with lime green swimming dots.  Maybe even 40 of them in the tiny vile.  And I can even see them without my reading glasses.  Tomorrow will be their turn under the lamp.  Stay tuned.

We also watched a movie called the Scourge of the Black Death… very uplifting for the first day back from Spring Break.    Keeve found it humorous that the plague reached GERMany.  I never realized that before.  hahahaha.