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Just a Little BFZ Peak

August 29, 2008

Here is a sneak peak at a Lucky Jeans bag that is hitting the auction block on Monday.  Ooooh La La.

I’m not what you would call a name brand girl.  Comfort, style and quality are more my idea of a good buy.  Label schlabel.  So, when my friend Connie donated a pair of Lucky Brand jeans for, I was not aware of the quality of the donation.  Muchas gracia, mi amiga, Connie.  I am now in the know about Lucky Brand Dungarees of America.  I thought dungarees were from Australia, but no.  Waltzing Mathilda….. and the billabong tree and all.

I purchased a black pant suit for speaking about a year back.  It has a short fitted jacket and white piping on the edges.  It’s darling.  My mother, who is much more proficient at recognizing designer labels than I am, asked who made the suit.  I said I didn’t know.  But I did go to my closet and check…. to my amusement the label read, “Who’s Tracy?”  Exactly!

My sister and I bought these adorable little scrapbooks titled “All About Me!”  It’s the first of about 35 scrapbooks I’ve made that doesn’t include others.  There is one page where you are supposed to put your favorite labels.  The only ones I could think of were Jockey, Campbell’s and Reese’s.  See!?!