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Manicotti Morning

March 28, 2009


You know the days.  You wake up dreaming of some such delicious entree.  I bought all the ingredients for Spinach Manicotti yesterday.  I must be low on iron or strength or something else that spinach is stocked full of.  Yesterday was Spinach Stromboli day.  Oooh that was a good one.  Not Rick’s fave, but I loved it.  I knew he would be excited about the manicotti because it’s basically lasagna in rolls.  Well, I’m not quite sure what exactly happened to make the manicotti shells malfunction, but they did.  Only one in ten came out of the boiling water intact as a tubular noodle.  What in the world?  So…. the manicotti turned into spinach lasagna with flattened out manicotti noodles.  Brother.  15 minutes 52 second until it’s out of the oven.