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Marriage… it’s the real thing.

May 14, 2009


Isn’t it cute?  This is the tentative cover art for my next book that should be coming out in August/September.  It’s #2 in the Laughing series…. Laughing in the midst of Marriage.  Lord knows I’ve been given a boatload of writing material by being married to Rickey.  This one seemed to be easier to write than the mothering one.  I’m not quite sure why???  I guess that old adage “second time’s a charm” is true. 

It’s quite exciting to hold your own book in your weary writing hands for the first time.  I’m so looking forward to it.  Truly scrumptious.

I’m speaking at a marriage conference this weekend… so please pray if you’re the praying type.  Hey, I suggest you try it, even if you aren’t the praying type.  I have plenty of entertaining stories to tell, but WHAT really is the key to a great marriage?  I’m not sure I’m supposed to answer that, but this type of conference really makes you stop and think, “What HAS held us together for 22 years?”  Undoubtedly, it’s the Lord.  We would have killed each other long ago had we not been God-fearing souls.  As we daily give up SELF and focus on serving others, it’s really a no-brainer.  That’s the problem right there… when my brain gets involved.  Why am I so selfish?  Those are the days when I’M fully in control and have forgotten to surrender to the Lord.  Jesus, help us!

A Little Dessert, Please

March 24, 2009


Rick and I were asked to share at a couple’s night at our church several years ago.  The topic chosen was “Differences” and how we’ve melded them together to stay happily married.  When we first met and shared our life’s history with each other, it seemed as though the differences were few and the similarities many.  The longer we’ve been married the opposite has shown to be true. Back and forth Rick and I planned to banter about the differences between us… smooth peanut butter vs. crunchy, Rock music vs. easy listening, Ranch Doritos vs. Plain Doritos, Elvis’ Christmas tunes vs. all the other Christmas music in the universe, …. you get the picture. 

Before we began, the pastor told everyone that they had 3 minutes to get some dessert and then the Crosbys would begin speaking.  To my surprise, Rick got up and went and picked out a delicious piece of chocolate cream pie with whipped cream a mile high.  He came back to the front of the sanctuary and I asked him, “When do you plan to eat that?  It’s time for us to start.”  “Oh, yeah,” he realized and placed the pie on a seat.  Right then, the pastor came back up to introduce us, so being courteous, Rick sat down….. ON the chocolate cream pie with whipped cream a mile high.  Of course, he was sporting black jeans, so every little drip of creamy goodness showed up real well on his black back side.  As the pastor said, ”  blah blah blah…. Rick and Linda Crosby” Rick went to the mic with the pie still hanging in from his Levi’s.  He announced, “There will be just a few minute delay here while my wife wipes my bum.”  And I did… in front of everyone… being the compassionate (laundry doing) wife that I am.  The more I got off his pants right then, the less I had to get out later!

I’m not sure what the moral is of that story.  But here are a few off the top of my head (like everything else on the blog!):

Never cry over squashed pie.

It all comes out in the wash.

Pie comes before the fall.

When all else fails, pie, pie again.

Chocolate pie is always my friend.

A little chocolate pie never hurt anyone.

Anyone else quick with the one liners today?  Feel free to share.