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Many Prayers Later

September 16, 2011

Two days ago my first born son turned 15-years-old.  He is taller than me.  I’m not sure if I could take him anymore.  He has more muscles than Jack LaLanne. ……..Ok, no he doesn’t.  I just looked up Jack on google.  But my son has the potential of turning into the juicing giant.  Wasn’t it just a few months ago when my chubby, blonde little boy was yelling every word and stuttering because he was so excited about life???  Wasn’t he telling me, just weeks ago, that “Daddy take good care for you, Mom.”  Where have the years gone? 

Sadly, said son’s birthday happened to be on the busiest day of our week…. really, the ONLY day we all leave the house together.  I did make cupcakes and take them to co-op… like all good homeschooling moms.  He asked for vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing.  WOW!  Go crazy!  I called him from Walmart to make sure I got the right kind.  Then I asked what kind of cupcake papers he wanted…. Dora… Mickey Mouse… Cars… Cinderella.  He said he didn’t care as long as the cake and icing were vanilla.  I bought purple.

And what gift did my 15-year-old ask for on his birthday?  Money to go on a missions trip to build houses in Mexico in October.  What kind of kid asks for missions trip money for his birthday?  Maybe the kind of kid who asks every Friday night if he can go downtown and feed homeless people.  Or the kind of kid who spent his summer vacation feeding men on skid row in Los Angeles.  He recently told his Dad that he didn’t think he was doing enough for others.  To which my wise husband replied, “You are doing WAY more than the average kid your age.”  My brilliant son retorted, “I’m not an average kid.”  SO TRUE!  I couldn’t be more proud of my 15-year-old son. 

However, (that always means the next words are important and contradictory in nature) this is my one in four children whom I have probably mentioned in more prayers than all the others.  Okay, that’s not true because my 17-year-old daughter went to Africa for three weeks this summer…. they might be tied.  His leadership ability has been obvious to me for many years…. I hoped and prayed it wouldn’t be for the dark side.  And his drive is unbelievable.  Even when he was nine, he would get up early and do all his chores and as much school work as he could…. before I stumbled out of my room to whip us some breakfast.  (For those who know me well, they are thinking “That’s nothing… she sleeps in.”  It’s true.  But still!)

We had a family gift opening for Aus… with little girls invited.  :o)  But he simply wanted $$ for missions, so no grand party was had.  Weird, I know.

Small Things Amaze Small Minds

May 24, 2009

Here is a list of the current things amusing the three men in my home:  (ages 42, 12 & 10)

1.  Recording their voices speaking low and slow into a hand held tape recorder and playing it back at fast and slow speeds.  Seriously, they are killing themselves laughing right now… all three of them.  It makes them talk like Yoda     with    spaces    between    the    words.

2.  Sucking helium balloons and talking like Mickey Mouse.  We were at my niece’s jr. high graduation and they stole the decorations and sucked air in the van all the way home.  And they ALWAYS yell in the squeaky voice, “I’m going to Disneyland!”

3.  Laughing like clowns in funny vibrato voices until everyone is laughing.  Keeve is the master at this one.  He sounds like Woody Woodpecker having an attack of the laughs.

Here is a list of the current things amusing the two women in my home: (ages 43 & 15)

1.  Asking Rick over and over why we have to drive 5 miles to pick up free flea treatment for our dog that doesn’t have fleas.  Seriously, I asked him this three or four times and he was getting mad at me, because he was distracted and doing something else on the computer at the time, and didn’t realize I was egging him on.  Larisa and I thought it was hilarious.  I kept saying, “But she doesn’t have fleas!”  He kept insisting, “But we take her places!” 

2.  Listening to Rick explain how he knew he was eating macaroni and cheese because he saw the box!  I told Larisa it was perfectly al dente and Rick refused to believe me… IT WAS MAC-N-CHEESE….. not al dente… HE SAW the BOX!  He was not going to be fooled by his women!  Again, Larisa and I couldn’t stop laughing…. at my dear husband’s expense.

Never a dull moment here at the Crosby house.