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Crazy Things Kids Do

May 11, 2009

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d share some of the thoughts that fill my mental processing time.  Most mothers have pondered the same types of quandaries that I do, I’m sure of it!  Here are just a few questions that have run through my mind this week:


1.  Why does a kid, who can’t take the time to dry his hands after washing them, close the bread twist-tie with 16 turns?

2.  Do my children notice that there’s only 12 more squares of TP on the roll and only use 10 so they don’t have to change the roll?

3.  Why do kids, who cannot see when they’ve left things in disarray all over a room, notice minutely chopped onions in chili? 

4.  I was asked, “Why do we have to match our clothes anyway???”  I never did come up with a good answer for that one…. “because.”

5.  My personal favorite, when asked if my son has brushed his teeth, he replied, “Almost.”  What does that mean?

6.  Where does fashion sense come from?  My 10 year old son requested yellow skin-tight jeans.  Am I missing something here?


Oh, the wonders of being a mother multiplied by three.  It’s a fabulous life that I wouldn’t trade for all the rice in China.

?#14 from My Sister’s Jar – My Mom

May 8, 2008

What is the fondest memory you have of your mom?

An appropriate question for the week leading up to Mother’s Day.  Many are the fond memories in my mind of my mother.  I can’t pinpoint just one, so here are the top ten fond memories of Grace E. Nikander, my mother of 42 years.

10.  When she donned her orange karate outift several times …. when my high school friends were over…. complete with the high kicking demonstration.  (I need to get one of those outfits because my eldest is entering high school in September.  Heh heh heh.)  The picture is from around 1982 ish.

9.  When she painted an entire scenic background for a Easter pagaent at church, complete with three crosses on Golgotha, the town of  Jerusalem, rolling hills and cactus with ladybugs on them.  Detail should be her middle name.

8.  When she would yell, “You can do it, honey!” loudly at my basketball games when the fans were quiet because I was shooting a free throw. 

7.  When I arrived home with the news that I landed a job as a legal assistant for a family law attorney, and she responded, “We’re just lucky we’re cute.”  Yeah, Ma, brains had nothin’ to do with it.  :o)

6.  When she took the time to do my hair all fancy for Japanese day in first grade and I got my picture in the town paper stirring the fried rice with chop sticks.

5.  When she pulled over on the highway and ran across traffic to retrieve the head of my pinwheel that blew off after I stuck it out the station wagon window.

4.  When she figured out how to squeal the wheels on the station wagon in the church parking lot…. again … and even again.

3.  When we were vacationing in Klamath Falls, Oregon and she suggested that we buy some pop so we could burp.  (That was TRULY uncharacteristic for my proper Canadian, tea-sipping mother.)

2.  When she made rice-a-roni and hamburger every Monday night for 5 years in a row.

1.  When she lead me in the sinner’s prayer by my bedside when I was five years old and I asked Jesus into my heart.

Thanks, Mom.  You’re the BEST.  XOXOXO