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Bonus Points for Kid #3

May 15, 2009

Une 002

My third child should write a book titled “How to Score BIG Points with your Mom.”  He has perfected this task as seen in the above photo.  Keeve was in the produce section at Walmart one day, and instead of making a necklace out of the twist-ties like usual, he happened upon the large, rotating, wire rack of recipe cards.  Keep in mind that he is ten years old…. and a boy.  To his delight, he found one for a Fruit Smoothie and removed it from the rack.  He carefully read the ingredients and looked in my grocery cart to verify that I had inadvertently gathered all the necessary items…. without telling me.  He’s so sneaky.  Strawberries… check.  Bananas… check.  Milk… check.  Yogurt… check.  Then he asked, “Mom, what is ar-ta-fish-ul sweetener?”  He’s so cute.

Since that fateful day at Wally World, Keeve has perfected every type of fruit smoothie imaginable.  And being that he gets excited and keeps adding fruitful goodness and ice cubes, the smoothie never fits in one tall glass.  There are always left-overs…. for mom.  Who else?  I think I’m his favorite person… right after the group Kutless.  (Goodness, the misssspelling drives me knuts.)

Every night after we pray together, I kiss each of the kids and whisper in all of their ears, “You’re my favorite.  Don’t tell the others.”  :^}  And they know full well that I do it to each one of their siblings, but it still brings a smile to their darling, freckled faces.

Police Surveillance

September 13, 2008

For those of you not in the Phoenix, AZ region, you are most likely not aware of our hard-core Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  He is bad to the bone… which means he is doing his job, but for those who are sympathizers with illegal aliens he’s downright nasty. 

I have personally enjoyed learning of the creativity of our law man.  He built Tent City, which houses inmates in tents because the prisons are overflowing… in the desert in Phoenix… all year long.  When the inmates complained of 110* temperatures, they were given extra water, fans and were told that the USA soldiers in Iraq were living in tents where it was over 120* and they hadn’t committed any crimes!  HAHAHAHHA… am I the only one that found that humorous?  And he has a PINK Vacancy sign!  :oD

THEN, the prize decision… he had all the inmates underwear died pink, so they wouldn’t be smuggled out of the prison.  Apparently this had been an issue?????  It created such a fan base, that he is now selling pink Arpaio boxers as a fund raiser.  I love a man who laughs at danger.  He limits movies to only G rated flicks.  (You get to watch movies in jail???)  He cut smokes, coffee and work out equipment.  It ain’t no picnic in the pink desert.

This week his posse (that’s really what they’re called!) conducted a sting sweep on a candle manufacturer here in the area.  There is much controversy over the covert operation because some fellow “legals” were held at the crime scene while 40 or 50 people were legally apprehended.  They were texting their lawyers, who weren’t allowed access to the crime scene… OK, I’ve watched enough Ironside reruns to know that you can’t enter a crime scene just because you’re a lawyer. Duh!

Anyway, last night the police surveillance came a little too close to home.  We woke up this morning and realized that the police had been watching us all night long… in our bedroom… without a search warrant.  I have never felt so violated and exposed in all my life.  We’re considering calling Sheriff Joe.  Here’s our proof:

If you have not witnessed police in their sneaky hiding places, you may not even notice the officer of the law.  Here’s a zoom in for you:

WHAT NEXT?  Tapping our phones?

I did it! (What I mean is….)

June 2, 2008

Hannah and Larisa, Eighth Grade Graduates

What IS the gang sign for homeschoolers???

Our baby girl graduated from jr. high yesterday… can that mean I’m old enough to have a child in high school???  Where did the time go?  Wasn’t it last week when I was dressing Barbies and holding the back of the two-wheeler pink Barbie bike running down the grassy hill at the park?  Larisa has surpassed our hopes and dreams for her at this point.  If I had buttons on my shirt yesterday they would have burst…. then I could’ve embellished a cute graduation scrapbook page with them. 

Homeschool graduation is more than the child’s accomplishments.  Of course we are proud.  But the mothers at the graduation yesterday were hugging each other and congratulating each other, “You made it!”  None of us have ever felt truly confident in our skills, abilities or knowledge.  All of us have wondered at one time (or 327 times) if we are doing the right thing for our kids, ourselves and our families.  I have yet to finish a year of homeschooling feeling like I did my absolute best.  But on graduation day I didn’t think of my doubting times, my crying times or (gasp) my hiding in the closet to pray times. 

Yes, there are times when I would love to spend the day at the mall trying on shoes or lunching with other moms while our kids are in school.  But then I think of sending the children off each day to be with some other adult and life becomes crystal clear again.  I couldn’t do it.  I love them too much.  I want to be with them (well…. most of the time) and share in their learning.

Congratulations, Larisa!  WE did it.