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School Has Started

January 15, 2010

Can you tell?  I’m still not quite caught up with everything, but by next week I’ll be golden.  Konos, grammar, math, worldview and Larisa’s History of the World are all going strong.  I still need to decide what to do with Spanish for the boys.  We’ve been using a highschool level course, that has been ok, so far, but someone gave me an elementary version, so I need to give it a looksie and pick one or the other.  Larisa needs more of my time than he got last semester, so my blog time is limited.  (I wish my love of math was transferable to  non-math-loving children.)

The naked house is slowly getting dressed.  The family room was put back together today as we needed the end table to stack our library books.  The pewter picture frame collection for the entry table is out… but not set up quite right.  Next week…. golden.

Please stand by for exciting hockey news.

Naked House

January 9, 2010

Since the removal of the real live Christmas tree (and the fourth or fifth dumping of the water from the stand on the carpet) and the fake Jenny Craig skinny tree with blue ornaments, the regular furniture and accessories have not made their reappearance in the house yet.  It looks quite naked in the living room and the family room. The garage is uncomfortably stuffed at the moment.  We need to bring in two coffee tables, three lamps, one chair, two silk Ficus trees and whatever used to be on the entry table and the piano. 

I think I’m liking the barrenness of it all.  Less to dust.  Not that I ever dust anymore.  I have children who do, despite the  infrequency that it gets accomplished.  Embarrassingly enough, the dining room chairs did not get their seats wiped for months… and in the dusty AZ desert, that is NOT good.  A guest in black pants, who shall remain nameless, came over, sat down, scooted back and unknowingly dusted one of the seats for me.  Yikes!  When said guest was not looking, I caught Larisa’s eye (the living room duster….) and pointed to the dust on our guest’s backside.  Good grief!

We had house guests visit for five days, so the loft/sewing room/school room had to be cleaned out.  I dusted the sewing machine and folded it back into its table.  I even dusted the elliptical machine.  It does get regular use, but the metal bars are a magnet to dust balls.  One of my helpful children loaded all the fabric from its obvious hiding place under the cutting table into a black garbage bag and to the garage. And even the loft/sewing room/school room looks bare naked at the moment.  It makes me feel lighter…. or slimmer…. or something.

All this nakedness needs to rub off in our master bedroom.  I desperately need to clean out the file cabinet drawers and file all the files on my desk.  It is a seriously organized conglomeration of files that simply need a home of their own instead of a pile… many piles… neat piles, but piles nonetheless. 

Anyway, I’m staying downstairs because it’s all naked and clean feeling down here.

The Evolution of Cars

May 15, 2008

Our kids never laid eyes on our long list of beasts of burden until tonight.  We had family togetherness time… around the computer with google images… so they could see with their own eyes our cool rides.  Hence, a blog tribute to coincide with this evening’s theme.  Fasten your seat belts.  We usually had two vehicles, and we prided ourselves on replacing the oldest one with a car at least ten years newer.  Thank God that’s over.

(Wrong year and wrong color, but close!)

The 1971 Toyota Corona Deluxe, aka: White Sheba.  Right before we were married we bought this car from my dad when it had over 200,000 miles on it (or was it 300,000??)…. but it had FACTORY air conditioning… rare indeed.  White Sheba’s license plate was personalized with my maiden name (minus a vowel) NIKANDR.  Rick and I were stopped at the US border once and the border patrol stuck his head out of his box when we pulled up and asked with raised eyebrows, “Nick and Doreen, right?”  We didn’t think of the plate and answered in confusion, “No, Rick and Linda????”

 (Rick’s was white but didn’t have numbers.)

The 1975 Dodge Colt was Rick’s first car… AND the car he impressed me with (WHAT was I thinking??..  this proves that love is blind.. and dumb.)  What I remember distinctly about this ride was its name “The Mold Mobile” due to the 2L of pop that poured out in the passenger side carpet… and somehow grew mold on the passenger seat belt (which I refused to touch or wear.)  When the headlights were being utilized the heater wasn’t functional.  So Rick would drive until he was frozen, then pull over and sit in the dark until the interior warmed up.  What fun!

The 1981 Chevy Van… it served its purpose, ok?!  The paint job was almost identical to this one, but we had major rust spots making it a three-tone paint job.  This beauty was christened The Party Van, for obvious reasons:  it had tri-colored shag carpet on the floor AND ceiling, tasteful wood paneled cabinetry, tweed upholstery and groovy orange lights all around the ceiling inside.  Rick bought this van when I wasn’t looking. 

The 1979 Ford Mustang.  OK, it would seem that Rick was cool with this car, but the color could only be classified as FLESH.  It was so ugly, I always felt half naked driving it, like all my skin was exposed.  I guess that would be fully naked, wouldn’t it?  This is the second car we owned when we were wed.  It had matching flesh colored seats with large patterned black and tan hounds-tooth fabric.  It was a 70’s wonder.

There were many more, but I’ll save those for another memorable blog.