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The 21st Century Awakening

March 11, 2011

Yes, it’s true.  I got a new phone.  It’s not a smart phone, for I am not that smart yet.  I’m working my way up from the razor flip phone I upgraded from yesterday.  Slowly.  Sad part is, I do not have time to learn to use a new phone.  I’m a busy woman with life flying by at a rapid pace.  When the salesman handed me the phone, I handed it to my 14-year-old son and requested, “Here, figure it out and then fill me in.”  BIG mistake on my part.

My current ring tone, that I do not know how to change, is a jaunty rap number that makes me want to flick my head back and forth when the phone rings.  It truly brings a smile to my face, but it is so unconventional for me.  Hello!?  I’m a 44-year-old mother with four children.  Some sense of decency must be upheld.

And my wallpaper on the new fangled device is a picture of a frying pan filled with scrambled eggs.  Nice.  I can’t figure out how to change that either.

Yesterday, I took a picture of some shorts at TJ Maxx that I intended to buy for one of my boys.  I was going to send it to him to see if he liked them…. but of course, I couldn’t figure out how to send it.  So I just bought them.  Thankfully, he liked them.  Later that night his sister was looking through the obnoxious pictures my children have already taken on my phone when she paused and asked, “Why is there a picture of someone’s rear end on your phone.”  Then I had to explain that it was the shorts in the store hanging on the rack…. that I couldn’t figure out how to send.  They all laughed at their mother.  Laughed!  Gah!

My FAV5 numbers were transferred over with my old sim card, but the FAV5 pictures did not make the transition.  Without much forethought at all, I asked one of my sons to put the right pictures in the FAV5 slots.  Well, one of my top five is the house phone.  So now there is a picture of the house phone handset in my FAV5.  Nice.  No smiling faces yet.

Today (day two of owning the phone) I noticed the battery bar blinking red.  I had to search for the cord to plug it in, for I hadn’t even opened the box yet.  All was fine and dandy, other than my 44-year-old eyes barely being able to distinguish the correct position to plug the cord into the phone.  Good grief it’s small.

Then we went out to dinner tonight and I left the phone on the kitchen counter plugged into the miniscule cord.  One of our sons stayed home and while we were out I called my cell phone to check on him.  I asked, “What are you doing?”  He laughingly replied, “Rockin’ out to your rapper ringtone.”  Nice.