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God Cares About the Small Things!

March 13, 2011

It’s testimony time.  Please allow me a few moments on my soapbox to share the little surprises and victories in my life.

I am a farm-girl trapped in a city-girl body and life.  I’m not sure where my love for all things country came from (minus the music), but I have strong dreams and desires for raising animals, growing veggies, fruit and nuts, spinning wool and diggin’ in the dirt.  We’ve had gardens in the past.  We’ve raised chickens and rabbits in the past.  Currently I have a few potted flowering planters and a plum tree that has a promising collection of blooms.  However, I’m secretly sucked into the backyard-garden section at every and all bookstores.  The book The Encyclopedia of Country Living makes me drool and salivate simultaneously.  Right now I have a book from the library titled The Backyard Homestead that clearly lays out how to raise all the food you need in as little as a quarter acre.  This is my idea of a piece of heaven on earth!

A few nights ago, in the dark of the night, I asked my husband how long he thinks we will live in this house.  The land here is not large enough for my illustrious plans.  There is barely room for a garden.  Container gardening is all that we could do here for the time being.  He gave me his answer, which did not meet my deepest desires.  Long enough to raise chickens, but not long enough to plant nut or fruit trees or berry vines.  {sigh} 

Last night after a lovely dinner at a Mexican cantina, Rick drove us through the back alleys behind some homes that sit on an acre each…. I rolled down the window and thirstily sucked in the country-smelling air.  Horses, grape vines, goats, chickens, sheep, grapefruit trees…. ahhhhhhh.  The slow trip in the darkness did my heart good. 

OK, so today we stopped by a friend’s home, that is a mile from our house, to buy farm-fresh eggs.  They have horses, chickens, a lame goat, two big, fat pot belly pigs and two little two-day-old pot belly piggies. Darling!  I even held one! They just finished planting their garden in fiberglass barrels.  It was truly lovely.  It gave me ideas just to see their set up.  When I got home there was a message on my cell phone from that same friend asking if I could use eight of the barrels for planting a garden.  Oh, could I ever!  It was an answer to an unspoken prayer!

God does care about the desires of our hearts, no matter how small.