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One Year Ago TODAY!

November 23, 2011

One year ago today we were sitting on several airplanes on our way from Phoenix to Texas, Panama and Cali, Colombia!  What an exciting time that was!  A day to remember FOREVER!  Remarkably, I looked semi-relaxed in the pictures.  It was the peace of God which passes ALL understanding, that’s what it was!  Had to be because I was lacking too much sleep to be peaceful on my own.  (Actually in this first picture, I was looking slightly shifty… anticipating the pat down at security!)

I remember sitting on the floor in the airport in Panama late in the evening, talking to the only other blonde girl in the entire airport besides Larisa.  She asked us where we were staying, as we were arriving close to midnight…. because it’s not like you can drive around and find a Travelodge that leaves the light on for you in Cali!  Funny thing was, we didn’t know where we were staying.  She was a bit taken aback by our news…. a family of five traveling to Colombia without firm plans in place.. arriving in the dark of the night.  If she only knew how much that went against every morsel of my little controlled and planned out life!!!  But we had some good connections who were taking care of us!

We had some baggage challenges in the Panama airport due to the language barrier in South America which had already embraced us with full force.  We weren’t sure if our luggage would be in Colombia that night but we prayed hard and it showed up right on schedule.

As we finally laid our tired heads on the lumpy pillows on the REALLY low bed in the hotel, I remember thinking… will I ever be able get to sleep?  In the morning our girl would be in our arms! Thankfully, I slept like a baby…. the baby who wakes up every hour or so and sucks her thumb to go back to sleep!

Adopting a little Colombian has changed our lives forever.  Adoption revealed the true hearts of my children who have lovingly welcomed Nora as if she has been in our family all along.  It also unearthed a few rough spots in my life as I was the one who had the hardest time adjusting.  The Lord and I have been working on those sore spots together. 

My husband received a thank you card from our neighborhood pastor last week thanking him for helping with our neighborhood leadership… AND for changing Nora’s life by stepping up and being her DAD!  Brought tears to my eyes.  She didn’t have a Daddy until one year ago!  She couldn’t have asked a better Daddy for herself!  She asked me once if I knew that Daddy cried.  I said I did, but how did she know???  She told me, “He loves me so much that sometimes he gets tears in his eyes when he tells me.”  Perfect!

It’s been a year of BLESSING!

?#20 from My Sister’s Jar ~ Holiday Celebration

November 13, 2008


If money were no object, how would you celebrate your favorite holiday?

(OK, I’ve been supremely lame at weekly answering the questions from My Sister’s Jar this year.  Just now I wiped a layer of dust from the lid of the jar.  I only got to number twenty.  But I must say, in self defence, that I read through all the remaining questions and they don’t truly inspire me.  I may just have to make up my own questions from now on.  I’ll never tell.)

Every year our family participates in Operation Christmas Child by filling shoe boxes with toys, trinkets and toiletries for children all over the world.  What better time of year to share Jesus’ love than on His birthday!?!  In years gone by we saved all the McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, but we don’t get those anymore.  Thanks to Coupon $ense, I have a drawer full of free toothbrushes and toothpaste.  All that being said, I would LOVE to spend Christmas following our boxes to the land far away and have my children see the faces of the little kids that are being blessed by their boxes.  I believe it would change their hearts.  It would crack open a sensitivity to those less fortunate.  Packing the box and taking it across town to the gathering location is one thing…. seeing the fruits of their labors would be quite another.


I heard on the radio today about a contest where the winner gets to travel to Panama (Oh, so close to Colombia!) with Samaritan’s Purse and deliver the boxes this December.  That struck a chord in my soul.  That would be ultimately cool to participate in with the whole family.  I don’t know if I would be able to be so close to Zaza and not want to dash across the border yelling her name.  Crazy, I know.  She doesn’t know we call her Zaza.  But it’s the thought that counts.


Someday I hope to spend Christmas delivering boxes.  Someday.