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Senior Year Comes to a Close…. Almost

May 5, 2012


Here is our first original baby girl…. all growed up and glowing.  She is graduating from homeschool highschool.  It doesn’t get much better than that (except for her mother, who is DONE teaching this one…. one down, three to go! I can smell freedom in 2022!) 

Our church, CCV, put on a grad appreciation night that was a tear-jerker.  Good grief!  What a great bunch of kids who have a solid foundation to build on as they go their separate ways next fall.  One thing I loved was the youth pastor’s encouragement to them to find a church where ever they are at college and SERVE!  Love it!  Don’t just go and coast.  Don’t be a pew warmer.  Reach out and be Jesus to others.  Awesome.

Here is Larisa trying to face the 18 year old fact that she has cheesy parents.  You’d think she would have caught on by now!


Happy New Year Twenty-Ten!

January 4, 2010

We started the New Year with Nikander family pictures with the whole crew.  My sister’s family is only down here in the desert every other Christmas, so we take advantage of every blinkin’ minute.  We’ve done red, white and black…. blue and browns… and this year black, white and hot pink.  We actually had everyone participate with the correct colors this year!  There’s a first time for everything!  We’ve come a long way, baby, because this was the first year we did not have to schedule pictures around naptime!  Whoopie!

I always try to make sure we have pictures of each kid individually with Rick and I as well as their grandparents.  Neither Rick or I have photos like that from our families.  There’s the odd one, but nothing like our kids will have.  We almost succeeded yesterday, but with 17 people wandering around, we did miss a few.  I’m not sure why I think it’s so important to have those mom/kid pictures, but I do love having them down the road at scrapbook time.  Call me a sentimental fool… and I’ll gladly agree.

This one has been my favorite since we started this pose with daddy and daughter about eight years ago.  So cute to see our little girl turn into an amazing woman of God!  We are so blessed.

One more and I’ll be done…..

It seems Rick and I are getting shorter and shorter.  This may be our last New Year picture without a kid taller than us.  Time is sure flying while we are having fun!

Make 2010 a great year!

How to be an Awesome Parent!!!

July 31, 2009

Hello, Rick here again.  Linda gets back later today and she can write about something other than Hockey.  But I thought I would share a couple of thoughts about what I think is important on being a Dad.  I just finished an email to the parents on Austin’s hockey team.  I wanted to make them aware of what is really important this coming Hockey season.  The following is the body of what I wrote but it doesn’t just apply to Hockey moms and dads…it applies to all parentsgrandparents as well as anyone who wants to make or keep friends.  The art of conversation seems to be taking a back seat in our culture and it is because we are letting it!

“Travel Hockey is a long season but the reward will happen along the way as well as at the end of the year.  The progression of our hockey players will definately be noticed come March but the reward along the way will be in the form of a closer relationship with your girl or boy.  The travel time to the rink is such an important time and I feel it should be used for our benefit as parents and the benefit of our kids.  What I have tried to do especially last year was to turn off the radio and not allow Austin to play his iPod while we travelled.  This in turn, forced both of us to have to dialogue with each other.  At first there was a lot of dead air but as the year progressed we talked in depth and I learned more and more about my son.  Don’t get me wrong, there were times when all I wanted to do was to go to my “empty box” (as my wife, Linda calls it) and veg!  I began to realize that he had goals and dreams that I had no clue about.  It was fun to get closer to Austin on a level different than that of hockey.  When we as parents take the lead and put our focused time and effort into our most prized possessions, the year won’t feel so long and we will have fun a long the way!”

So hang up the cell phone, put away the iPod, read that book when they are in bed, get off the computer, exercise before they get up, take them with you when you go places, have them cook/bake with you, have them fix the car with you, take them out for some one-on-one time, take them to church, schedule time at the end of the day to tuck them into bed and talk to them, read the Bible to them, if you are doing something and they ask a question stop what you are doing and look at them in the eyes and listen, don’t let your mind wander when talking with them, don’t be impatient, answer softly, pray with them, hug them daily, kiss them daily and tell them you love them constantly!!!

Kids Do the Funniest Things

July 4, 2008

Yesterday, I was cooking dinner and behind me at the kitchen table was Keeve, our youngest son.  He had the gallon of milk out that was down to about 1 1/2 inches left.  Instead of pouring it into a cup to make chocolate milk, he was squirting the Quick straight into the gallon container.  He then replaced the lid and gave it a good shake.   Sadly resulting in tan colored milk.  So he squeezed and squeezed the chocolate syrup until it was dry.  (I hid the bottle in the garbage, so Rick wouldn’t add water to it and put it back in the fridge.)  Shaken again…. not the desired color. 

So ingeniously, Keeve went back to the fridge and found the Nestle strawberry syrup and proceeded to add it to the beige milk.  Unfortunately, it was also almost empty.  But the remains were mixed with great vigor and a slightly-sunburned-flesh color of milk was the result. 

At that point Keeve poured it into a cup and drank the whole thing down in one bottoms-up.  I inquired about the taste… he said it just tasted like normal milk.

That was a lot of work for milk that tasted normal.  But there is now free space in the shelves of my fridge.  :o)

Old Dog Tricks Die Hard

July 2, 2008

Do you have any habits or interesting practices that you inherited from your parents?  I’m sure we all do, well, except for those who grew up without parents.  Eight years ago, my sister and I were getting ready for church in her master bedroom bathroom and we could not stop laughing at all the numerous beauty tricks that we each picked up from watching our mom.  Christy finished her make-up application and then hairsprayed her index finger and ran the glue along each eyebrow.  I laughed and said, “Mom used to do that.”  Then I was having flat head syndrome and picked up a patch of hair on the crown on my head and backcombed it at a terribly rapid rate of teasing speed.  Christy started laughing and said, “Mom does that too!” 

Well, my husband, whom I love with all my heart, picked up the habit of adding water to whatever condiment was getting low on juice.  Salad dressing, chocolate syrup, catsup, you name it.  They were all watered down to clear muck before our eyes.  Recently I found out that Rick’s dad used to do that.  Probably still does.  Nothing bugs me more than cooking an Oscar Meyer wiener to perfection, laying it in a toasted hotdog bun and then dumping pink water on it from the “almost gone” catsup.  Just throw the blinkin’ bottle away already.

Another time when the catsup bottle was getting low, Rick was sitting at the kitchen table and asked for the catsup bottle from the kitchen counter.  Noticing that it was practically empty, I quickly grabbed it, removed the lid, filled the bottle with four ounces of tap water and replaced the lid.  Rick was talking and didn’t notice the delay in the requested bottle’s delivery to the table.  I really wanted him to douse his dog, but unfortunately, he has another habit of always shaking the catsup bottle before opening it…. and he noticed the clear consistency where the red goo was supposed to be.  “Look, we don’t need to buy catsup for another three weeks!” I pronounced then doubled over in ruckus laughter.  He did laugh… then he ate his dry dog.



Happy 50th Anniversary, Dad and Mom! (Wow!)

February 15, 2008

Dad and Mom’s 50th

Please join me in wishing my parents, Ed and Grace, a Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary today!   Wooo hooo!  Yes, they were 13 and 12 when they got married. They are superb parents who have an impressive parenting resume with only a few mishaps, entirely at the fault of my siblings.  I was the child who ran around at 3 years old yelling, “I be good!  I be good!” and haven’t caused a day of heartache since.  :o)  (Fortunately for me, Mom and Dad can’t remember anything different.)

My dad lived up to his nickname, Steady Eddie.  I don’t know if that actually was his nickname, but he did live up to it nonetheless.  He is easy going, level headed, kind hearted, a Mr. Fix-It, has a great dry sense of humor, and cries at long-distant telephone commercials.  He has supplied his three children and their spouses with wisdom and a Godly example that we’ve all depended on.  Plus he’s kept Mom happy for over 50 years.  If that isn’t amazing in this day and age, please tell me what is.

Mom has been the life of the party, whether she wanted to be or not.  She has provided us with laughs and love and learning all the days of our lives.  We have fond memories of her orange, polyester karate outfit, her jazzy piano playing of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and her attempts at beating her children in fierce games of Scrabble.  She knows more two letter Scottish, Burmese and Taiwanese words than Mr. Webster.  She is a talented artist, home decorator and fashion shopping guru.

My siblings and I were truly blessed by being raised by these fine folks.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.

What else happened in 1958, you ask?  Let me expound:

The U.S. Army inducted Elvis Presley, transforming The King Of Rock & Roll into U.S. private #53310761

President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Alaska Statehood Act into United States law.

First International House of Pancakes (IHOP) opened in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The U.S. Congress formally created the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Instant noodles went on sale for the first time.

The first successful American satellite, Explorer I, was launched into orbit.

Edward Nikander married Gracie Chauncey in a cheery, Valentine-decorated ceremony in Vancouver, BC.  The bride wore an off the shoulder gown with netted layers with v-shaped trim.  The groom sported a trim, white dinner jacket.  The couple honeymooned at the first motel they found that didn’t have weeds.  (If the establishment doesn’t take care of the grounds, imagine what the rooms must look like! ~ Mom’s lesson #47)