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?#10 from My Sister’s Jar – Party Foods

March 28, 2008


What are your favorite party foods?

Do you want the alphabetical list, or the highest to lowest thumbs-up rated list?

1.  Shrimp Cream Puffs.  Hands down, these are my favorite.  I LOVE THEM.  The recipe came from my friend, Connie, back in 1987, when they debuted at my bridal shower.  The scrumptious creations include the pastry puff and then the shrimp/cream cheese/celery/mushroom soup/chive filling.  Makes me salivate thinking of them.  Their caloric reputation keeps them limited to important peoples’ birthdays and significant holidays celebrating Jesus.  (Well, since Jesus made EACH day for us….. sounds like today’s a fine time for celebrating with shrimp puffs!)

2.  Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms.  I don’t make these often, but they truly merit a spot on the list.

3.  Strawberries dipped in Chocolate.  Need I say more?  Two of God’s creations combined for our pleasure.

4.  Suzi’s Salsa.  Suzi is a friend (in more ways than one), fellow homeschool mom and confidante.  She has been making this killer salsa for several years and it has become known as Suzi’s Salsa.  Graciously, she brought some for our family as a Christmas gift.  It was devoured in under five minutes, but thoroughly enjoyed for every spicy bite.

5.  Rumaki.  (Sorry to ruin the S theme I had going.)  These awaken every taste bud in your mouth.  They are water chestnuts and dates wrapped up in a piece of bacon, marinated overnight and then rolled in brown sugar and broiled.  Crunchy, chewy, salty and sweet all wrapped into a bitty bundle.

6.  Banana Slush Punch.  I know it’s not a FOOD, but it is a party favorite of mine.  It includes bananas (obviously), pineapple and orange juices and lemonade frozen into disks, then submerged into 7-Up. 

I think I feel a party comin’ on!