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I’m Not Pushing Up Daisies

January 30, 2010

In case you thought I ran off and died, or something, I didn’t.  I’m not dead.  It is simply NEVER a dull moment around here… not that it needs to be dull to blog… but seriously, I blinked and eight days flew by. 

Nothing out of the ordinary, other than my brave, strong and sore husband hiked the Grand Canyon last weekend…. in rain and sleet and even snow.  C-R-A-Z-Y… totally.  A clue to the weather conditions may have been the closed highway leading to the canyon… but NOOOOOOOOOO!  The 17 C-R-A-Z-Y men found an alternative route and kept right on going.  Instead of a leisurely three and a half hour drive it was EIGHT hours. Yes, the following photos were all taken in Arizona. 

(photo courtesy of Barnabas Moses… who also didn’t put in his deposit for next year.)

After the delayed drive, the need arose to take the FAST five mile trail to the bottom, to beat sundown.  As if hiking the Grand Canyon in rain and sleet and even snow wasn’t bad enough….. imagine it in the dark!  It continued to snow the entire next day while the men rested at Phantom Ranch… and the next day as well…. providing fun five foot tall snowdrifts across the trail on the way out… that could only be passed on their hands and knees.  But I digress.

(photo courtesy of Andy Leebrick… not sure if he put in his deposit.)  Notice the bottom left corner for more hikers on the switchback trail.  I think Rick is the mostly blue person in the number four spot… but I’m not sure.

Rick is back home.  He’s mostly fine, but he did walk funny for a few painfully slow days.  He did not put his deposit in to hold his spot next year.  Hmmmmmmmmmm.  He said it was the hardest thing he’s ever done in his life.  Hence, the tight-fisted deposit money still in his tightfist.

Cactus in snow is just wrong.  Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

P.S.  I’ll have pictures SOON of Zaza’s tea table and chairs!!!!  I’ve been a busy bee painting them!

My Studly Hiker Husband

January 25, 2009


Rick, along with 10 of his buddies, hiked down into the Grand Canyon from the south rim on Thursday.  It’s a ten mile hike in on Bright Angel Trail and seven and a half mile hike up Kaibab Trail on the way out.  There was snow on the ground for the top three miles, then it was pretty warm and they wore short sleeved shirts.  They spent two nights at Phantom Ranch and Rick gave it a 9 out of 10 for a hiking establishment.  He did add that they could’ve fed him mule stew and they would’ve loved it after hiking down.  Today they hiked out.  And they all lived to tell the story.  How did Rick do?  Well, he doesn’t have any blisters from his new boots (worn three times before the hike) and he wasn’t in the slowest group.  Yeah honey!  We’ll see how his legs are in the morning.  Bring on the A535!  Or is is called BenGay in the USA?  One of those is Canadian, and I can never remember which is from which country. 


And can I just add that pictures of the Grand Canyon NEVER do it justice.  They are beautiful, but it is WAY more spectacular in real life.