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Where was my Mother???

February 5, 2008

Linda’s kindergarten picture

The year was 1971 when the life I grew to love was changed for all eternity.  Happily I was enjoying kindergarten in my lavender and red polyester plaid jumpsuits, with matching ponytail ribbons and bobbles decorating my combed-to-perfection hairdo.  Then it happened.  This photo is proof of the stress that my mother and I went through after the birth of my sister.  I was no longer the only princess in the castle and my mommy obviously was too preoccupied to read the school handout I brought home that read, “Tomorrow is Picture Day.”  Look at my hair!?!  I don’t remember trying to give myself a perm.  How in the blazes did it turn out like THAT!?!  And a light pink bow with a red and navy outfit???  Horrors. 

Little did I know that 36 years later, that little, red wrinkled-up baby would give me a journaling jar with prompts in it…… prompts that should have read: “How do you feel about your kindergarten school picture?”, “How does it make you feel that your mother no longer worried about how you looked after your sister was born?”,  “Did your mother ever push you out the door for school with a smile on her face?” or “Write Oprah a letter revealing your inner feelings after the birth of your sister.”

But look at that face.  Joy unspeakable and full of glory.  :o)