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My Son (the stud) is now Famous!

September 21, 2010

(Photo: David Wallace)

Here is the link to the news story on Austin, our 14-year-old son.  (My name is even in bold in the article!!!)


It’s In the Mail!

June 1, 2010

Today we sent off Larisa’s entry for the prom dress contest.  I still am having a hard time believing that the first prize is $50,000 for college and a $1,000 gift card for JoAnn’s stores.  $50,000….. that’s a lot of money to win when you’re between the ages of 14 and 18!   OK, that’s a lot of money to win when you’re 44 too!  We spent a total of $60 for everything including the supplies to make the mask.  So if the total prizes awarded are $74,450, and if the average girl spent the same as us (however, we got off easy with sales and coupons) there would need to be 1,240 entries …. and that’s not even breaking even if you count the actual cost to JoAnn’s for the materials.  On the JoAnn’s site it stated that there were hundreds of entries last year….. only HUNDREDS… not thousands.

 The twenty finalists that have to send in their dress and the accessory the created are notified on or about July 2nd.  Thirty-two days and counting.

The contest is judged on workmanship/skill level, originality and level of detail shown in the photographs.  Not that I’m the mom, or biased, or anything like that, but I really believe Larisa stands a good chance of being a finalist.  Of course, I haven’t seen any of the other hundreds of entries, but my girl did a fabulous job, especially with the hand-beading in her own design on the waistband.

This is the photo we submitted for the shot of the accessory…..because we needed a closer view of her fuchsia design on the waistband. 

Here is last year’s winner: They have really upped the prizes since last year.  Wow!