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Faithful Readers

July 12, 2010

I am in awe of your faithfulness to come to My Sister’s Jar day after day after day.  Really.  I am.  You amaze me.  I’m hoping it’s because I amuse you.  Haha.   I have been MIA for several days for good reason.  We got back late last night from a four-day camping trip up to cool high country here in the great boiling hot state of Arizona.  Up on the Mogollon Rim in northeastern AZ it rains every afternoon in July and I found it splendid.  Really.  I did.  So did my boys.

Today we set up tents in the backyard in stifling hot Phoenix and hosed off all the mud.  The tents were dry in less than 10 minutes.  It seriously is a dry heat today.  110 last time I checked.  Toasty, but perfect for drying wet camping gear.  I’m also engaged in laundry.  There was no white pile today.  It was renamed “Used to be White” pile.  Camping does that to socks and shirts. 

My to-do list today included, but was not limited to:  Post Office, Chiropractor & Massage, Library, Grocery Store, Tire Shop and Bank.  Buuuuuuuuuut, one of my darling offspring found my keys and unhooked the house key/mail key half of the collection in order to retrieve the mail.  The more important half of the keys is still MIA.  The half that is missing includes the van key.  So, I did borrow my sister-in-law’s van to get to the chiropractor, but it is my locked van with no key that needs tires. Also I did not stop at the library because the cd that is overdue is in the locked van sitting in the driveway.  A tad frustrating.

Last month when we were somewhere between San Bernadino, California and Lake Tahoe, Rick’s keys went missing.  They have not re-appeared.  He’s been getting keys cut for two weeks, but still has not accomplished getting his house key cut.  Rick had to get new keys to the airplane, hangar, his office, etc.  It was a bummer, too, because our friends in Mississippi got him an Elvis key for his house key.  So cool.  So, between the two of us, we do have all the keys needed for living, but I’m going to really miss the remote door opener on my missing half of the key ring if it stays hidden.  Please, oh please, God, show me where they are!!!!

The last time we were irresponsible and lost keys was in 1989.  Rick’s keys AND his Trinity Western University hockey jacket both went missing, never to be found.  Then in 1991, Rick and I watched in slow motion as his keys slowly slid off the dashboard of our ski boat just out of our reach on the Peace River in Northern Alberta.  But that was not so much losing them as it was not wanting to dive and find them.  We knew where they were.  So we’ve been pretty responsible for over 20 years.  I’m not sure what happened this summer?!?

I’m impatiently waiting for my dear, hard-working husband to get home from work to unlock the van…. so I can get a few more boxes checked off my to-do list.   We leave tomorrow for ten days in a cabin up north in AZ… where it is between 80 and 85 all day! (Yes, we will have been gone five of the first seven weeks of summer…. believe me when I say that is GOOD!)  I’m not sure if I will have internet service or not.  Please stay tuned.  Thank you.  That’s all.

Damping… Camping in the Rain

April 25, 2010


I made that up myself.  The creativity must stem from four straight days of fresh air stimulation.  A friend called on Tuesday and asked if we wanted to go camping for the rest of the week at a lake that is only 22 miles from our house.   “YES!”  And thus brings you up to date on our week right until last night when we dumped loads and loads of campfire-smelling articles into piles in our garage.  They are still there.

Funny thing was, I checked the weather report for the week on Wednesday morning AFTER I had shopped and packed and hauled and directed.  It reported “Major thunderstorm warning!  Avoid outdoor activity!  Stay indoors!  Unplug electrical appliances!”  Does anyone really do that?

So off we went to the lake.  All seems pretty normal, well, for homeschoolers who spontaneously school at unpredictable locations.  Why not the lake?  I read somewhere that camping is nature’s way of promoting the hotel industry.  HA!  That’s true for my mother, my sister, my sister-in-law and many others, but not for me.  Camping promotes wonder and awe at God’s creation…… wonder in the dark inside a flimsy nylon tent that is your only protection from those strange noises…. and awe that Lewis and Clark did this for a living (minus the nylon tent)!  I truly feel at home in front of the Coleman stove with recently caught and be-headed fish in the cast iron frying pan.  My kids have never caught fish while camping.  So I didn’t leave openings in the meal plan for freshly drawn bass.  After my sons snagged seven scaly specimens the first day, I casually mentioned to my friend that I had never cleaned fish or lit a Coleman propane stove before.  Proudly, I can check those off my bucket list now.

The thunderstorms didn’t materialize… however it did rain three times for 27 seconds each time.  We had a daily wind gust that blew anything and everything not tied down toward the lake.  The clouds made me wish, more than once, that I had a folded copy of the Cloud Formations poster that my husband memorized in flight school.  Cumulonimbus…. uh….. stratus….. cirrus…..

Wildflowers bring joy to my heart.  God made them especially for nature lovers like me.  Pink, yellow, purple, orange… LOVE IT!

This was my first vacation ever where I actually read through every book and magazine I brought and still had a day and a half left over.  I didn’t stress about it…. I just stared at the lake.  The kids stayed busy kayaking, swimming, fishing, riding their bikes, gathering wood, building fires, playing games and laughing.  I never once heard, “Mom, there’s nothing to do!”  What an awesome week!

The Rain Gutter Saga

January 22, 2010

We’ve lived in this house for over four years… with no rain gutters.  This is not usually a problem here in the Sonoran Desert.  However, this week we are surviving the worst storm in 17 years and a rain gutter hit the top of my NEED list.  There are four slanted roof surfaces that all guide the water to the overhang BANG in front of our entryway.  Because we have a flat tiled roof, the water created a curtain of mini-waterfalls that you had to pass through to get in or out of the house.  Usually, like I said, we don’t get much rain, but I was aware of the torrential downpour that was coming this week, so I splurged and bought a rain gutter, an end cap and brackets.  I arrived home in the darkness of night, albeit clear skies, and decided the gutter would meet the front of the house in the morning.  Unfortunately, the following morning the rain was also meeting the roof and making said curtain of mini-waterfalls during the installation period. 

The entire process was indeed photo-worthy.  We were only out there for about 20 minutes, but the pelting water was relentless.  Austin and I were soaked right through to the skivies, and not forgetting, through to the soles of our shoes. (Well, mine anyways.  He had on flip-flops.)

Yes, that’s me braving the elements.  It was a bad hair day, hence the hat. 

The following picture of Austin installing the supports for the brackets almost shows the wall of water that we used to experience just to his right.  It had however, reduced to a slight sprinkle by this point.  A reprieve for the rain gutter installers.

Keeve’s job was to pile large rocks where the water was now directed to and would indeed be causing a gorge without deterrents.  Of course, this could not be accomplished by an 11-year-old boy without sticking his head IN the spout of newly, redirected water.

When the dry season returns, we plan to paint the gutter to match the house trim…. and if we’re feeling generous, we might even buy more gutter to reach the end of the house, like most normal gutters do.  But no promises.  I’m just happy that we can leave the house without taking a shower.

Downspout, sweet downspout.  Brings a tear to my eye.

I Love the Rainy Nights

December 16, 2008


Most of the time here in sunny AZ when we get rain, it’s at night.  Thunder, lightening, and with no gutters on our houses we get torrential downpours usually right outside our front doors.  So many times I’ve thought of buying a gutter just for across the front entry way… but then the sun comes back out the next day and I forget.

It’s pouring here today.  Rare!  The cooler weather draws me to the kitchen and to the big soup pot, homemade drop biscuits and melted butter.  It’s also a good day for Christmas baking.  Or a huge family puzzle on the dining room table that takes DAYS to complete.  On rainy days, I often think, I know I have an umbrella somewherebut where?  Oh, there’s so much to do!  Enjoy your day!