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Lemonade $tand

February 28, 2009


Our youngest son is a true Christian rock band lover to the nth degree.  He has been listening to not-my-favorite-kind-of-music since he was three or four years old.  It is purely because of the guidance and counsel of his head-banger father.  I’ve tried to sway him to no avail. 

Next weekend there is a Christian concert not too far from our home and Keeve’s favorite band is performing: Kutless.  Yes, that’s their name.  Yes, it’s phonetically incorrect.  The other bands are Esterlyn and Stellar Kart.  (another K……. but I digress.)  Keeve started asking if he could go to the concert in December.  In December we said, “Sure, but we’re not paying.”  Thus began Keeve’s mission to raise $19 plus money to buy stuff at the concert.  This is monumental for him… as he’s truly MY child and spends frivolously, often, spur-of-the-moment, and without deep thought.  (It’s no wonder Rick changed banks three weeks ago and STILL hasn’t given me my new ATM card!)

Keeve is down one week and only had $13.  Which is really good for him, but not enough for rockin’ the house with Kutless.  So he decided he was going to have a lemonade stand out at the entrance to our neighborhood.  No clear-thinking, child-loving parent in this day and age would let their kid go three blocks away in Phoenix with a table, chair, lemonade, cups… and a ziplock baggie of money.  I had drama-driving-duty so Rick said he would sit in the van next to the lemonade stand.  (What a nice dad.)

When I arrived back to our neighborhood, there was my cute, freckle-faced son and his lemonade stand…. surrounded by 5 or 6 twelve year old girls from the neighborhood, who also find my freckle-faced son…. well, cute.  They were helping him by yelling, “Lemonade!”  It was hilarious.  Larisa was with me and she made the comment, “And he doesn’t even have his shirt on that says ‘Girls Love Me'”.  He had to refill his 3 gallon lemonade jug twice.

In two hours, with 5 assistants, Keeve made $24!  He told me that one guy pulled up and asked what he was raising money for.  Keeve told him it was for a Kutless concert.  The guy gave him $2 and didn’t take the cootie-juice.  What a nice guy….. probably a headbanger. 


Rock on, Keeve! (Now I know where my boys are getting their crazy hairdos from!)

Zaza’s Bags are Back!

September 1, 2008

After a week of holidays, we’re back in full force.  Here’s a sampling of the gems up on the auction block.

There’s something for everyone… little ladies…. farm girls…. cool teenagers…

This 70s charmer is a peak for next week.

I’ve been busy sewing this week.  It’s because Scrapping in the Pines is in four more sleeps… a four day scrapbooking retreat in the coolness of Prescott, AZ.  Ahhhhhh.  So I’ll be busy scrapping, not sewing this coming week.  Trying to stay on top of it all. 

Keeve is much better today.  I’m amazed at how wounds inside the mouth heal so quickly.  Yesterday was pudding and jello.  Today was corn-on-the-cob and birthday cake.  (Happy 71st Birthday, Dad!)

The Ultimate Fund Raiser

May 19, 2008

Ingenious.  It’s the best word I can think of to describe the current summer camp fund raising project currently going on at our church.  It’s called “Flamingo-ed.”  We got flamingo-ed last night while we were at our daughter’s play… so it was someone who knew what time we would be at the play.  Here’s how it works: a church member hires hit men from the youth group with CASH to flamingo some other unsuspecting church member’s yard.  There is a clue note left at the scene of the crime.  Ours read:  “It’s gonna take a lot of loonie to get rid of this bird, aye!!!!”  So, we can surmise that it is someone with a chip on their shoulder about Canadians… who was obviously educated in an American school.  Aye should be spelled EH and the plural of loonie would be loonies. Brother.

With 50 flamingos spinning their wings in our front landscape, we have a choice to make.  #1 Contribute to the youth group to have them removed. #2 Add a little extra moola and label someone else’s yard.  #3 Buy insurance from the youth group to ensure that we don’t get flamingo-ed again.  Funny thing in the desert is, the ground is so hard, the only place the flamingos can plunge into the earth without a jack hammer is near sprinkler heads or where water pools.  I’m thinking we need to pick some unsuspecting fellow church member who truly has desert landscape WITHOUT sprinklers…. so the youth have to bring a sledge hammer and a spike to successfully complete the task. (That is a bit of my evil side coming out.)

Needless to say, if you have church family that have a collective good sense of humor, this is an awesome fundraiser.