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Roughing can be Rough

February 13, 2010

We are in Corona, CA for a hockey tournament for our son Austin’s bantam team.  I don’t know why I come to these?!?  It just makes my blood pressure go up and I question my motives and my Christian sportsmanship as I scream at the refs……  {sigh}  Anyway, tonight was a rough game.  Our team is not large in physical size.  We do have two rather large 14 year old “boys” (whom I believe shave already) but the rest are 98 pound weaklings boys.  The team we played tonight are all on growth hormones.  Seriously.

So during the second period one of our smaller players went down by the boards behind the net… get this… with one of the large man-childs from the other team on top of him.  If that wasn’t bad enough, their player started punching our player…. blatantly.  Four or five slugs.  The refs did jump in and save our player from major bodily harm, however, they LAMELY refused to call the penalty for what it was.  They deemed it roughing… not fighting.  Last time I checked, throwing punches is FIGHTING.  Roughing gains you two minutes in the bad boy box.  Fighting gets you thrown from the game, as it should. 

Being slightly competitive myself, and loving RULES as I do, I stood up in the stands and tried to help out the refs by letting them know what they should be doing by yelling, “Kick him out of the gaaaaaaammmmme!”  They must not have heard me.  I was rather loud, which sometimes just comes bursting out of me when I least expect it.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day.  Another day for the refs to do a better job. Another day for me to consider taking a sedative before my son’s game.