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Rickey, Videographer Part 2: Whale Watching

May 24, 2008

Here is the scrapbook page from that fateful lame videographer outing… Whale Watching.  Our family was in San Diego on a homeschool/vacation and decided to take our chances on a three hour tour.  Sing it with me.. “A three hour tour…. the weather started getting rough…”  Ok, the weather was fabulous!  The Gray Whale migration path from Alaska to Baja, California passed by San Diego so we paid the money and jumped on the boat.  Within 20 minutes the captain spotted a beauty and we followed it for another two hours.  Incredible!  Why nature sightings get my adrenaline pumping… I’m not really certain.  Maybe because God did it all… for us to see.

Luckily Rick was videotaping the entire thrill-of-a-lifetime so we could re-live the sighting over and over with our grandchildren and their children.  Not so, as it turned out.  The sun was brightly shining making it difficult to read the teeny lit words in the eyepiece of the camera…. and somehow Rick, Master Videographer, got PAUSE confused with PLAY…. for the entire two hours of the Gray Whale sighting.  So we do have lots of footage, but the whale never made an appearance.  We have at least 45 minutes of Rick’s shoes as he held the camera in front of him as he walked and talked all over the boat.  For our viewing pleasure, he even stood over the garbage can so we could glimpse at sea trash.  Several times, maybe even 8 or 9 times, you hear the Captain on the intercom saying, “She’s just off the bow.  She getting ready to surface.  Her she comes… here she comes…” and just when the back of the whale is slightly visible under the water, the video camera shuts off… until the whale has again plunged beneath the surface, and Rick’s shoes return.  I’m telling you, it was comical.  You can also hear me comment once, “Rick, you’re sure you don’t have pause and play mixed up, right?”  He doesn’t answer, meaning ‘How could you ask such a stupid question.’ 

When we watched it for the first time in the hotel room that night, I couldn’t even see the screen for the tears blurring my vision from laughing so hard.  Thank the good Lord I had the camera so when we’re old and senile, we’ll at least have spouting whale photos to look at.

Rickey, Master Videographer, is available to record your life’s most important moments.  Cheap prices with reference to this blog.  Please call 1-800-RIX-FOTO.  :oP