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Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful!

December 5, 2011

Really!  In Phoenix… in December… it snowed only 25 miles from our house!  We had rain … but we are not used to harsh conditions where we need closed-toed shoes… and a jacket!  I can imagine the sympathy in your heart for us!  haha.

December brought out Christmas decorations with a vengeance… lights, wreaths, trees, snowmen, etc.  First year EVER… I got the fake tree up with all the silver, blue and white ornaments… on December 1st!  A week later, we are still waiting to go buy a tree for all the non-blue ornaments.  A few years back, I came to the realization that red is not my favorite color.  In fact in the ROYGBIV list… I’m basically loving the rainbow in reverse order.  I’m a violet, indigo and blue gal from the boots up.  SO…. I went blue Christmas shopping and the blue tree was born.  I love it more each year… as the ornaments accumulate.  There are a few homemade preschool ornaments that made the cut… we have a popsicle stick Star of David with blue glitter…. and a dough star painted royal blue.  Yes, they are on the back, but they did make the cut for MY tree.

I love these stained glass snow flakes.  Rick and I bought these in Mexico two years ago at Christmas time.  Love them!

This stained glass trio was purchased last Christmas in Bogota, Colombia.  Yes, it’s supposed to by Mary, Joseph and the Babe Jesus, but I also like to think of it as Rick, me and our little colombian princess who joined us last Christmas!

Nora has loved the thought of Christmas since her first days in the USA.  She arrived to her forever home on December 22nd and it was one big blur of Christmas bliss her first week home!  Her eyes sparkled when she saw Grandma’s house all decorated in every corner!  A village with ice skaters and lights in the windows… a sleigh full of teddy bears… brass reindeer with ribbons… embroidered Santa pillows…. snowmen that play the piano and sing…. little Christmas mice climbing candles… matching wreaths on the front doors… and Santa himself waving the lantern from the top of the tree…Spendid!  All year long she has repeated that Christmas is her favorite!  We have stressed over and over that it is our favorite too, because Jesus was born then and THAT is the reason we celebrate.

We are doing the Jesse Advent Tree devotional with the kids.  We bought a little tree for the kitchen table that looks pretty lame right now with only five ornaments, but it looks a little better each day as we add to the story of Jesus!  We review every night and Nora basically gets it so far…. just a bit off on a few stories!  It is a bit alarming that of the first five stories, death is talked about three times!  (Adam and Eve’s disobedience, Noah’s neighbors and Abraham starting to sacrifice Isaac!)  I never thought of it before, but it’s all part of the story of our salvation!

So thankful for a relaxed Christmas month to share with our little girl!

?#5 from My Sister’s Jar – Secret Service

February 11, 2008

Santa and Elves

Tell about a time when you did a secret service for someone.  What was it?  How did it make you feel?

For several Christmases in a row, my husband dressed like Santa, the kids like hokey elves, and we delivered gifts on Christmas morning before we opened our gifts. 

My favorite Christmas morning was the first year we paraded as Santa and his helpers.  We knew of a family who had really struggled because the dad was wrongfully in prison.  The mom was trying to make ends meet with two little children at home.  (different family from the one pictured) Thankfully, the dad was pardoned by the governor and was coming home Christmas Eve.  We realized that having daddy home was the best Christmas gift ever, but we wanted to make sure there were also gifts under the tree. 

We met the mom in a parenting class, so we talked to the other attendees who graciously donated TONS of toys and clothes.  Our family was blessed to be the deliverers.  The mom didn’t really know us, but might have recognized Rick and I.  She had never seen our children, so they dressed like elves and helped carry in the booty.  Rick really disguised himself well with MANY pillows, eyebrows, beard and make-up. I hid in Santa’s sleigh, waiting impatiently for their return.

After Santa and the three elves made a mad dash to the get-away car, I asked for a run down of the pseudo-heist.  All talking at once, the kids said there were only two gifts under the tree and the parents were speechless.  The mom kept examining Santa, trying to figure out who he was.  The elves put the gifts under the tree, then the mom hugged Santa.  I asked what happened next and Rick replied, “I started getting tears in my eyes.  I couldn’t see anything and Santa isn’t supposed to cry, so we scrambled out of there.” 

My heart is still full and tears still surface when I think of that morning.  Our children opened their gifts that morning, but all they talked about were the two kids that were surprised by Santa’s visit.  We all learned a valuable lesson that Christmas morning: It is truly more blessed to give than to receive.