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Another Science Experiment Gone Awry

May 13, 2009

How did Archimedes invent all those cool contraptions that my kids and I cannot reproduce for the life of us…. only 2,000 years later with advanced tools and apparatus???  That’s what I want to know.  The Screw looks simple enough, but to make one that works?  Good Grief!  (My kids asked me yesterday how grief can be good. Whatever.)  We’ve got tubing wrapped all around the broom handle out back and a huge container of water still waiting to be moved to the other empty container.  How many times do you have to turn the deal before the water moves???

And the catapult…. you’d think some rulers, rubberbands, duct tape, a tennis ball and three numbskulls could shoot the blasted thing.  Nope.

We did figure out and re-inact successfully the water-displacement theory.  When you push Barbie in the 8 cup glass measuring cup holding 6 cups of water, the water line went up exactly one cup.  (Thank heavens for an easy measurement!)  The one cup of water weighed EXACTLY the same as Barbie.  Voila! 

We are scientists.   Brave and smart. (Only 7 more days of school!)