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Young Victoria

February 23, 2010

It was my last day to play with my baby sister who was in town for the scrapbooking retreat.  We went and saw the movie Young Victoria and I LOVED it!  It didn’t have the plot intrigue of Miss Potter, but the British accents were darling.  I’d like to check a few of the historical facts as well.  We just finished studying Kings and Queens, and although we didn’t spend a lot of time on Queen Victoria there were a few bumps in the movie for me.  Yes, I’m a closet history buff with very limited historical facts in my head… but I’m pretty sure the new sovereign holds the orb while sitting in the coronation chair.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.  What is the orb, you ask?  Well, when my boys reenacted the coronation, it was a tennis ball.  I’m pretty sure theirs is a little fancier… maybe even solid gold.  Not lime green and fuzzy.

Moving on, before you’re bored to death, the Scrapbooking Retreat was fabuloso!  Here are a few photos… yes, it snowed in AZ last week.  It was purely serene… taking me back to my carefree days (before children) living in northern Canada.

I have been planning my strategy for mucho amounts of scrapbooking for months.  Realizing that my scrapbooks are all events (like Christmas or a vacation) or a conglomeration of my favorite photos that have nothing to do with each other, I decided to do a Daily Life book for 2009.  I completed Jan – Nov.!!!!!  So a few more pages and the album is done.  No, it is not the fancy-shmancy kind of pages that I like to use to showcase every blinking blingy item in my scrap box.  They are functionally beautiful and the kids truly enjoy looking at them. Pictures of homeschooling and friends and piano lessons and spring break.  I should really take a few pictures of the pages and share, but I’m off to watch the Olympics at my parent’s house.  This is the only time I regret not having a TV.  But alas, we have family and friends who like to show off their big screens.  For their generosity and large TVs I’m thankful.

Conniejo, Chris, Michele and Christy

Moi and my Lake Tahoe page!


February 17, 2010

Ok, I so laughed when I found this picture of a GUY wearing this shirt!  Live!  Love!  Laugh!  Scrapbook!

Tonight my sister flies in from Washington and tomorrow we leave for four days of scrapping in the pines of Northern Arizona.  It calms my soul and brings peace to my heart as I anticipate our next four days of relaxation.  Yes, we go twice a year.  Yes, we stay in a 1970s decorated cabin.  Yes, someone cooks and cleans for us.  Yes, we just stay in the cabin and scrapbook.  But we also leave once in a while for a hike or two… and we watch movies.  Girlie movies with love and romance and laughter and bliss.  See why I like this outing so much?  And we laugh.  Til we cry.  And then we laugh some more.  It’s basically an emotional release weekend without hubbies or kids.

This year I am prepared to work on a 2009 family album.  I usually do “event” albums of Christmas, or one holiday or vacation.  But I figured out that I don’t have the day-to-day photos in a book for all to see.  So I printed about 27 hundred photos from 2009 and I already made the first double page spread of each month.  I’m SO ready!

But first I have to unpack my suitcase… and wash my favorite comfy clothes.  Then re-pack my suitcase. 

I’ve given up making menus for my family for the time I’m away…. it seemed the more effort I put into making meals, schedules, grocery shopping, etc…. the more often the family went out to eat.  So now, I do nothing, other than replenishing the fruit bowl before I leave.  (I did that yesterday.) 

I will take my laptop, so I may blog, but no promises from this girl.  Nope.  There is only internet service if you drive to the front of the campground and sit in this one spot.  And even then, it’s iffy.  So, as I said, no promises.

Have a grand weekend.  I will.

Black Friday 2009 (nine nine nine nine)

November 27, 2009

So it’s 5:24 am on the day after Thanksgiving.  BLACK FRIDAY!  The stores are teaming with avid, somewhat deranged, shoppers…. or so I’ve been told! Stores are giving away $1,000 gift certificates, 2,000 inch big screens for 49 cents, free popcorn, $10 off your $11 purchase, yada, yada, yada.  I’m only up because I was coughing so violently, I didn’t want to wake up and keep up my also sickly husband, who is snoring quite comfortably at the moment.  I’m drinking tea.  THAT is a tell-tale sign that I’m not well.  I only drink tea when I don’t feel up to my usual perky self.

Rick and I did get up at 5:00 am on BLACK FRIDAY three years ago, but it was not to shop and SAVE SAVE SAVE.  He had surgery #3 on his Achilles tendon at 7:00 am downtown.  I remember driving by the packed parking lot in front of Circuit City and wondering who came up with midnight shopping???  It’s crazy.  It’s only the crazy people who shop when they should be sleeping.  It’s the crazy people who come out at night when the moon in full.  Why would a store owner bend to the desires of the crazies?  And promote their uncouth crazy ways?

Now if the scrapbooking stores did the 3:00 am spend ten cents and get $400 worth of scrapping supplies, I’d be camping out in front of the store with my Coleman lantern, personal trimmer and pile of photos, rounding the corners for future pages.  But they don’t.  They’re not crazy.  See, this proves it that scrapbooking women are not crazy

OK, the bottom of my teacup is staring up at me.  I’m no longer coughing up a lung.  I can now go back to bed and dream of all the money I’m saving my husband by not participating in BLACK FRIDAY!  If you’re a CRAZY person, please let those of us who stayed in our warm beds know what we missed.

Has it Really Been a WEEK?

September 16, 2009

Hello Friends!  I feel like Madame Blueberry singing her song, “I’m so busy, busy, dreadfully busy, you’ve no idea what I have to do.”  It’s such a catchy, annoying tune.  Too bad I don’t know how to video tape myself singing it for you.

Scrapping in the Pines was fabulous as usual.  Four days of resting, eating, taking walks (shopping counts in there!), watching movies and chatting with the girlfriends.  It comes at such a great time of year too, right after school and sports have started.  Ahhhhhh.  The soothing memories occasionally last for almost a month!  It was an exciting time filled with centipedes, a skunk and Veronica’s four clothing changes per day.  Highly amusing!

My son, Austin, turned THIRTEEN on Monday.  I’m officially a mother of two teenagers.  I can’t be that old.  He is slowly catching up to his sister (who has only grown 1/8 of an inch in three years…. ) and me.  I’ve still got 5 inches on him, but it won’t last long.  His birthday request was a street hockey game with his homees.  It will be Friday night… pizza, hockey, cake and ice cream.  Makes for a good teenage induction evening.  Here is the most recent picture I have of Aus.

rick's phone 247 018

My husband’s mother and brother are here visiting for a week, so there is more cooking going on and less homeschooling.  But the visits are always full of laughter and good times.  They are already all sunburned from extended pool time… including my children.  How many times does a mother have to say, “RE-APPLY Sunscreen?”  Oh well.

Exciting news is that my Laughing in the Midst of Marriage book came hot off the press yesterday!  I should have a hot little copy in my hot little hand by Saturday!  So exciting.  This sort of crept up on me and I need to rock-n-roll to get it available on my website.  When I told the kids that it came out, Larisa said, “Congratulations!  You’re a published author.”  And Keeve added, “Again.”  So it’s not as thrilling as the first time, but thrilling nonetheless.  I’ll be sure to post pictures of the cute little purple books when they arrive.  Oh!  And I need to go buy a cute little purple shirt to match!… or a cute little purple jacket… at least good purple jewelry.  Any excuse to accessorize will work.

No adoption  news to report.  Please stay tuned.  I know I am.

I’m gearing up for the D6 Conference in Frisco, TX next week.  Not only do I get to speak, but I get to meet all the people at Randall House who work so diligently on my book!  I’m so excited!  And I just can’t hide it.  I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.  Like it.  I’m also looking forward to seeing Tim Hawkins.  He totally rocks my socks.  He’s so stinkin’ funny.  It’s not too late to join the festivities! Sept 23-25 just north of Dallas.  Come and be blessed.

Over and out.

One in Every Generation

May 27, 2009

paternal ancestors 040

There has to be at least one genealogy-happy person in each generation to keep the family heritage alive and growing.  I am it for my generation of Nikander children.  I have a brother, a sister and two guy cousins….NONE of which is even slightly interested in old fuzzy photos, dusty family Bibles or traipsing through cemeteries to take pictures of headstones.  I am it. (Stop rolling your eyes, Christy.)

Somewhere in my journeys I saw a beautiful photo display wall of all the the female ancestors of some such person, whom I forget the identity of at present.  It inspired me.  About eight years back I painstakingly copied all the old family photos that I could get my grubby little hands on and started a heritage scrapbook album.  But still in the back of my mind, I could see the wall of women… women who carried on family names and traditions.   Fast forward to about two years back when I found a darling oval frame with a mat that could hold seven pictures.  I envisioned my female ancestors looking out from those holes.  I brought it home, painted over the glittery silver finish with a flat off-white and hung the frame on the wall….. waiting for the photos.

The photos that I gathered were ALL the wrong size.  So the empty frame hung on my wall for years.  (yes, I know, embarrassing.)  Then I read a story from the book Welcome to the Funny Farm about a blank frame on that author’s wall… and I got things in motion once again.  On Memorial Day, this past Monday, my dear father scanned, re-sized, touched up and got my seven matronly photos to fit my framed mat.  Thanks, Dad.  In honor of dear old dad, I decided to put my Paternal Female Ancestors in the frame, being that I happened to have seven pictures.

So, yesterday I had out-patient surgery to remove some fatty lipomas from my neck, that were obviously lost and never found my backside.  So today, I finally printed the names and dates of the dear ladies and finished the eight year project. Ta Da!  I love it.  I realize what a treasure it is to have Great Great Great Grandmother pictures…. and I’m hoping and praying that someday I can give this to the solitary person in the next generation who will love and appreciate it too.  I’m thinking it might be my niece, Katelyn.  Since she was two she was fascinated with who was whose sister, mother, daughter.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  She called me once to ask what percentage of nationalities she was.  See!  I’m the only one with the valuable, treasured information for the next generation.

Saturday Scrapbook Jam

April 26, 2009


Yes, I had fun.  Got that outta the way.  I attended a scrapbooking day from 9:00 am to midnight on Saturday… and I lived to tell the story.  One of the albums I worked on was the one we are supposed to send to Zaza when we accept her referral.  It is to be an introduction of our family and home for her to familiarize herself with before we travel down to South America.  So I’ve taken pictures of the house, the dog, Walmart, the kitchen table, our relatives that live here in Phx., the van, the boys playing hockey, Grandma and Grandpa’s house, the church, the bathroom, Taco Bell, …. all the regulars in our life.  We hope to get this album back when we bring Zaza home so she will have a memory of the first time she saw all of us and our lives, but we don’t know if we will get it back. 

Needless to say, I did not throw my creative scrapbooking soul into this project.  There are no ribbons, no eyelets, no buttons, no inked edges, no tearing, no staples, no silk flowers, etc. etc.  It’s a back-to-the-basics album:  paper, photos and journaling.  I went through my paper stash and pulled out all the pastels that I hardly ever use.  It is an 8×10 album and I covered each page first with pinks, yellows, pale blues and lavenders.  It’s pretty.  (sort of.)  I tried to organize the photos so there was a sense of flow: us, house, yard, pets, relatives, other.  (Yes, pets came before G&G and Aunts and Uncles.)  I didn’t even back any of the photos.  Yes, this was hard for me.  The instructions were to leave room for someone to write the Spanish translation of my journaling, so I didn’t write much.  I haven’t made an album this plain and simple for 12 years.

Several ladies present were new acquaintances for me… and I to them.  Lovely ladies and new friends.  As usual I talked my way through the album and they were all fully aware of what I was working on.  They asked to see it when I was done… yes, I finished the whole thing in about 3 hours… 30 pages.  A new record.  They were so gracious and told me how nice it was and that they liked the paper I chose.

Then I moved onto REAL scrapbooking.  Out came my stash of do-dads, inks, rub-ons, sand paper, ribbons, metal dealies and tools to make your eyes cross.  I was in my glory.  For the remainder of the 11 hours (we took an hour lunch break) I completed 5 pages.  But they are really nice…. lots of layers and colors and texture and pizazz.  One of the ladies came over to see what I was doing and practically yelled, “OH MY GOSH!”  when she saw my creations.  Yes, I told them Zaza’s adoption journal was simple, but they did not realize just how much I restrained myself from breaking into the real Linda, Scrapbooking Queen.  It was so funny.  They all came and looked at my pages.  I thanked all of them for saying such cordial words of praise for my simple album…. and we all laughed whole heartily.  8^D

I know I won’t be in any frame of mind to do Zaza’s scrapbook, no matter how simple, once we get the referral call, so this was good.  Real good.

Presenting the Newest Member of the CWDT!!!

April 16, 2009

That’s Craft Warehouse Design Team, in case you aren’t in the know.  YES!  My baby sister, Christy,  just found out she is one of the ten women who were chosen for the Scrapbook Design Team from Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  Isn’t that so cool???  Here is one of her layouts that she submitted:


They had to send in 2 scrapbook page layouts, 2 cards and some other non-card or page craft deal to show their versatility and creativity.  So, she’s on the team for eight months and will be given supplies to create six projects that will be used in stores for examples and in their advertising online and in mailers.  So cool.  But that’s not the coolest part…. she receives $500 of scrap supplies for her own use…. BUT it’s with a 20% off discount… so I’ve already figured it out for her husband, Brian… THAT’S $625  worth of bling bling goodness.  I’m so proud of her!  And I’m so glad our mother taught us to share.

Some background is needed here so you truly understand the importance of this moment.  I was the creative child with the glue-gun on my belt.  I lived for visits to Craft Barn. Christy was born with a microphone in her hand.  She sang her whole life and claimed that she wasn’t crafty at all.  Her degree is in Vocal Performance.  My minor is Art.  Christy didn’t do a crafty thing until she was forced to after she moved away from Mom and I.  Then, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, Crafty Christy was born.  She started designing greeting cards that were sold to the public in stores.  And her scrapbooking was transformed from the stickers and wavy scissors to what it is today… gutsy, bold and blinged.

And to think that I taught her all she knows!  Oh, it makes the tutor so proud when a pupil reaches such grand heights.

?#21 from My Sister’s Jar

March 10, 2009

Haven’t pulled a question out of the jar for a spell.  Thought I’d give it a whirl.

Tell about your most loved, prized possession.

Nothing came to mind right away…. then several things came to mind, but which is the MOST loved?  I’m not sure.  Here’s the top three of my most loved, prized possessions:

1.  My wedding ring.  It’s a sentimental thing.  It’s a reminder of all the better and worse times we’ve gone through over 22 years and that we’re committed to stay together.  I think I would still pick the same setting too.  I didn’t pick this one, but I told Rick that I liked marquis shaped diamonds… and he took it from there.  He done good.

2.  The Family Bible.  (Stop rolling your eyes, Christy.)  I’m the ONLY family-tree-loving member of my generation.  If it weren’t for an historian in each generation, how would the family saga live on?  The old, brown Bible was purchased in Oregon City when my great great Grandparents came across the Oregon trail.  It has several marriages and births written in it, as well as locks of hair (that’s kind of gross), and newspaper clippings.  It’s a cool piece of our family history…. from Dad’s side of the family.  (Katelyn, I’ll keep it for you, Honey.)

3.  My scrapbooks.  What more needs to be said about this one?  They are the current family history done with creative flair and thousands of dollars and hours.  We don’t get them out enough.  I keep most of them in a cabinet away from the dust, but when they do see the sunshine, all the family pours over them like it was the first time.  Makes me happy.

That’s it.  A ring and some old books.  What is your most loved, prized possession?

Bed Sweet Bed

February 23, 2009


There’s nothing quite as inviting as your own bed.  Can I hear an amen?  Not that the beds up at Scrapping in the Pines were that bad… I simply didn’t lie down in them quite long enough to feel rested.  I slept last night from 9:30 PM to 8:15 AM and am feeling much more alert now.  When I arrived home last night to free Chipotle burritos… which I declined… and an invitation for a family game of Settlers of Catan… which I also declined.  SEE?  I was a bit tired.

Today I had a rude awakening when I realized February is over in one week.  YIKES!  Where did this month go? I have quite a long TO-DO list for my book that I’m supposed to have done on April 3rd.  I’m afraid My Sister’s Jar may turn into an every other day event as I am strapped to the computer chair with humorous and not so humorous marriage stories running amuck in my mind.  Nothing like a deadline to start the fire in the basement.

OH, minor adoption news posting today:

Make it a great week!

? # 21 From My Sister’s Jar – A Day of FUN!

January 23, 2009

Yes, it’s been almost a year since I started pulling questions from My Sister’s Jar.  And yes, I’m only on 21… sad but true.  For posterity, I dusted off the jar and pulled one out for today.

If you dedicated an entire day to “fun,” what would you do?


It would definitely be a “girls day out” with either my sister or a close friend.  It would start with a pedicure (hot pink of course, with bling bling) while sipping Starbucks.  Then we would go for a late breakfast at Paradise Bakery, but not so late that we miss the breakfast menu.  I hate it when that happens.  They have the best breaky foods… quiche and fruit and croissants with ham and cream cheese.  Next, we would take in a girly flick at the new Harkins by our house.  That theater is beautiful!  After laughing and crying and laughing and crying during the movie, we would head off for a bit of purse and/or jewelry shopping at Steinmart.  I love that store.  It’s the mother ship of bling bling and fancy shmancy purses.  Obviously the original home of my cute orange purse with the leather circles. 


Next is a hard one, because I would want to spend a couple hours in a ultra-fabulous scrapbooking store picking out a cute acrylic album and all the ribbons, paper, buttons and cha-ching that match.  However, our fabuloso store closed.  I need to research the current stores to see if I can find a suitable replacement.  My sister and I did just do a run on Scrapbooks, Etc. in Mesa, but they just don’t display stuff that makes you drool and SPEND.  Anyway, the evening would be wrapped up with take-out from PF Chang’s and a pajama clad night of scrapping at home with Harry Connick Jr. music serenading us into creativity and frivolity.


Any takers???