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SuperCon 2009 (nine…. nine… nine…)

February 13, 2009


“Defend and Protect!”

Yes, it’s over.  Thank God!  Here we are as members of the Justice League….. Wonder Woman and Superman.  It was a mystery dinner theater that our youth group puts on each year at Valentine’s Day to raise money for camp.  So this year, instead of just using youth, they decided to ask the 40’s group if they would like to participate.  Well, at least two of us did.  It actually was really fun…. despite having to learn hip-hop dances and singing a duet of Islands in the Stream together, while we climbed into a boat made out of people. 

The audience was trying to figure out who stole the super hero powers from all of the super heroes.  There was quite the commotion of room changing for the sessions, like “Having it All” with the super heroines, “Brand Marketing” with the Justice League, and “Conflict Resolution” with the Fantastic Four.  A fun night to participate in, but BOY HOWDY, we’re glad it’s over and we can get back to our normal busy lives.

Here is a link to the STAINWOWcommercial that they played at the SuperCon convention in case us supers needed to remove stains from our outfits.

And one more picture, including Spin Sister….. she could spin her pony tail to fly, fight bad guys and cool off menopausal woman.


Wherever there in injustice, you’ll find us.  Wherever there is suffering, we’ll be there.  Wherever liberty is threatened, you’ll find the Justice League!