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Election Time

August 9, 2010

If you live here in Phoenix, you are more than likely aware of the competition for several political spots coming available.  Good grief, if you have a mailbox, you know ALL about it.  I’ve never seen this much “junk” mail for the elections.  Rick has saved most of the flyers and they have ended up in the “reading” basket in the downstairs bathroom.  Since their arrival, my potty stops are longer than usual.  But my knowledge of the candidates is not growing in proportion to my time spent reading. 

There are flyers joining one guy and another gal as “running mates” who will do the right thing for our district.  Then three flyers later, there is another flyer for the same guy saying not to vote for the same gal…… confusing, for sure.  Who approves this stuff?

My personal favorite, however, is a candidate whose platform begins with the story of his upbringing by his grandmother in the slums.  That just makes me want to vote for his grandmother.  I can’t find her flyers. 

We also had a Democrat-turned-Republican-on-the-last-day-to-file candidate who lost miserably two years ago.  The flyers that arrived in our box at that time showed a picture of an elephant taking off the donkey mask and yelling, “SHAZAM!”  It made me laugh!  Interestingly enough, that gentleman has moved to a different district since last election time.  Coincidence?  I think not.

My brother told me that if you sign up to have your mail held for a week at a time, you don’t get any flyers!  You only get your mail once a week, but hey, it might be worth it!