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My Kids are SO Smart

April 20, 2010

Detail of onion domes on Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow

It always makes my chest puff up a bit and my buttons strain before bursting when my children make a comment about something we studied together YEARS ago.  It means they were actually listening to me!  Glory be!  Some historical information was actually stored in their little heads.  And there is recall! Sweet mercy, it does a homeschooling mother’s heart good. 

It happened this week.  My oldest son who is 13 was asked to prune an unruly bush in the backyard.  He primarily does ball-shaped pruning, but this was a grassy plant with cat tail-like projecting sticks…. not the ball-shaped type of bush.  I was explaining to him that I wanted a diamond-shaped result and used repeated hand motions for clarification.

My 11-year-old son commented from the couch, helping his mother’s dismal explanation, “She means like a Russian onion dome!”  Immediately the older boy got it…. “Oh!  OK!”  And went outside with the electric pruning shears in hand.  We studied Russia in 2007!  My kids are so smart!  St. Basil’s Cathedral… that’s exactly what I meant!  I felt like yelling out the back door, “And could you please make the oleander bush into Khufu’s pyramid?”  But I restrained myself.

Random Photos

April 10, 2010

I was uploading pictures off my camera yesterday and came across some interesting photos.  Here is a picture of our dog, Trixie, on top of the TV cabinet…. six feet up in the air.  Poor dog. 

I haven’t figured out why my kids take pictures of stuff they shouldn’t be doing?  Don’t they realize that it is my camera?  Who do they think is going to download the pictures???  I thought they were smarter than this, but obviously not.