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April 21, 2009



Yes, April 21st, 2009… it hit 100 degrees today.   {{{sigh}}}  No more buying Skinny Cow mint ice cream sandwiches in the middle of the day without a cooler of ice in the back of the van.  No more barefoot runs across the street to my brother’s house.  No more lobelia.  No more jeans, unless of course we’re going to a hockey game, but that won’t happen because the Coyotes didn’t make the playoffs.  No more comfortable car to get into.  No more windows open at night.  Bye bye long sleeves and closed toed shoes. 

Bring on the sunscreen and the water bottles.  I just washed all the beach towels, so we’re READY should a water opportunity present itself.  I bet the Popsicle man is happy.

Larisa asked me today why we live in Phoenix.  I wonder that myself every SPRING when the thermometer hits 100 before Mother’s day.  I dream of someday living in a cooler place where plants actually grow in the summer.  Where the a/c doesn’t run 24/7 for six months of the year.  And where there are four seasons instead of just two:  nice or HOT.

I need to go find my fake tanning lotion.  It’s time.