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When the Cat’s Away…

May 21, 2009

Rick is in Houston at Flight Safety.  Never in his 9 years of flying for the state has he been this excited about flying the simulator in Texas.  His plane has been grounded since February and he’s been sitting in a cube in the aeronautics department.  I don’t think there could’ve been a greater shock to his system.  From the clear blue skies of AZ… lunch at a different Mexican restaurant around the state every day…. “safety” naps EVERY day…. to sitting in a cubicle doing data entry.  Boy, howdy, does he miss flying.  Rumor has it that flying might resume in the summer.  We’re thankful he still has a job, but this is tremendously cramping his style.

That’s not what I’m writing about, however.  Rick goes to Flight Safety twice a year, giving us the opportunity here at the home front to get down to taking care of business in a flash.  That was Elvis’ motto, if ya didn’t know…. TCB!  Here’s the tail of Elvis’ plane, the Lisa Marie, to show you….

Usually we rid his closet of nerdy, stained, out-of-date and unacceptable clothing items.  We have also emptied the garage of his nerdy, stained, out-of-date and unacceptable items during Flight Safety.  Once we did a room makeover and made the Elvis bathroom.  Rick’s been gone since Tuesday morning and we still haven’t figured out what to do…. leaving not much time… about 28 hours.  But OH!  You should see what we can do with 28 hours!  We’re simply lacking in the idea department. 

Here are the only glimpses of brilliance that came to mind, but they are not ingenious enough to prompt action:  sell his VHS movie collection on eBay, or sell his floor clean equipment that he bought and never used and is taking up 1/5 of the garage where my van should be parked out of the sun in Phoenix, Arizona, …..  see, nothing inspiring.  I also thought of rearranging the living room furniture, but there aren’t a lot of options with the shape of the room.  So, if you have ANY ideas, send them quickly.  The minutes are ticking away.