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Superbowl Sunday

February 7, 2010

Not what you’re thinking.  I’ve been painting Zaza’s tea table and chairs since I got up this morning.  Holy Guacamole, this takes a long time!!!  I started a week ago!  I’ve done at least two coats of paint on every color…. five coats on yellow the infamous see-though color.  And I’ve gone back and touched up everywhere paint appeared in the incorrect places.  Whew.  I have to re-do the teeny white lines in between the pink and green squares under the table top… and THEN I’M READY!!!

Ready for what, you ask?… swirlies and roses and polka-dots and checkers and butterflies and more polka-dots.  I just can’t decide what to do! I’ve printed about 16 pages of pictures of painted table and chair sets, but I can’t decide.  I’m usually not this bad… but alas, the game is starting and we are off to a friend’s house to eat and sit in the jacuzzi and yes, I think there’s a football game on.  I’m not real big on the Superbowl.  I did watch last year when the Cardinals played… being the home team and all.  But the previous Superbowl game I watched was Superbowl XVII.  You figure it out!!!


February 4, 2010

Tonight my daughter laid on the floor, tummy down, and proceeded to raise her shoulders up as far as her arms would push.  Her hips stayed down and she was peering at the ceiling behind her back.  A graceful J curve.  (Position #7 on the chart above.) #2 son notices the “salutation to the sun” position and asks, “Are you doing yoga?”  She replies, “No, I’m just stretching my stomach.”  #1 son adds, “Isn’t yoga a religion?”  “No,” answers my daughter, “that’s Yoda!”

That’s all I have for you tonight…. I’m busy painting Zaza’s tea table and blast it all, I need lighter pink!!!!  This pepto bismal color is no good!