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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

November 21, 2008


It is in view.  Tonight we have our homeschool Egyptian Night of Phood, Phun and Pharaohs.  Tomorrow there will be exhilarating photos of costumage, international eats and happy kids.  Y’all come back now, ya hear! Then we don’t start another unit until January.  It is blessed relief.  Not that I don’t enjoy the units, I really do.  BUT, come the end of November and looking to the next page on the calendar, it is always a relief to have a lighter teaching load.  We still do the basics (reading, math, spelling, grammar and writing) but not the in depth studies involving science, history, geography, etc.

I love being able to set our own pace for studying.  Arizona is one of the best states to be in if you are a homeschooling family.  There aren’t a lot of restrictions and that proves beneficial to those of us who seriously take teaching the kids.  There are many choices of support groups to join for the extras like field trips, socials, outreach opportunities, and the like.  This is our first year with Keys of Arizona, a group that meets in a church twice a week and offers classes that moms might not be able to teach.  There is everything from lab sciences, higher math, languages, writing, music to Scottish dancing.  You never know when that might come in handy!

Anyway, tomorrow morning a smile will be on this face as I awake to less responsibility and visions of festive activities in store for the next several weeks…. gingerbread men, dipped pretzels, hand-cut snowflakes, gifts-in-a-jar, family games and caroling.  Yippy Skippy!