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OOOOOooooo LA!

May 31, 2008

Today was a bit of a shocker for me.  A three year old was here for four hours.  The reality of toddlerhood has not been brought to my mind’s forefront for a while.  When Zaza arrives, I hope we cherish every chasing, wiping, picking up, changing mind moment that she brings to our home.  The three year old little girl that was with me today loves to jump on the trampoline.  Not surprising.  Ours has a full net so it is impossible to fall off or out or between the springs.  It’s adoption safe, as our home study social worker informed us.  So I left the three year old jumping happily… until I heard unusual sounds coming from her.  I couldn’t determine if it was crying or what???  I ran out the back door to find said 3YO on the far side of the trampoline with her hands in her armpits, flapping her elbows, “talking” with our chickens.  Oh, it was darling.  THIS is why I can’t wait for Zaza to get here.  I hope she talks with the chickens and says adorable little quips like, “I be wight back,” and “Come wif me, thez a BIG suhpwize.”

Side note:  Is anyone else having problems uploading pictures?  Or is it just me?