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Three Way Tie

August 5, 2010

I don’t know if I’ve ever been this tired before.  Even when I had babies waking up at all hours, I don’t recall being this exhausted.  Yes, I overdid it a bit with the whole redecorate the house thing.  OK, I’ll admit “a bit” is an understatement.  The schedule in my mind for this week consisted of:  Monday – Zaza’s room. Tuesday – Boys room.  Wednesday – Kitchen and Family Room.  Thursday – recover and finish tying up loose ends.  Friday – lay by the pool.  I’m right on schedule too.  What surprised me was my aching body on Wednesday night.  I thought I would hit the pillow and be out cold.  Well, I did hit the pillow… even early, at 9:45.. and I slept like a baby.  The baby that wakes up and cries every 20 minutes.  My body was hurting.  Too much up and down the ladder.  Too much painting next to the ceiling.  Too much of too hot outside.  Too much moving furniture.

By 3:45 a.m. I had had enough.  I decided I needed a soak in a hot bath tub with epsom salt.  It did wonders for me… and in a mere 30 minutes.  I climbed back into bed and was relaxed enough to sleep until 7:45.  YES!  My husband woke up and asked how I slept… TOTALLY unaware of my tossing and turning and moaning… and even the bath tub water running 12 feet from the bed where he lay!  “That was quite possibly the worst night’s sleep I’ve ever had.”  But then I remembered camping at Needle Rock Spring Break of 2009…. and “sleeping” in LaMision, Mexico in the summer of 2009.  It’s a three-way tie for worst place.

Tonight, I’m heading straight for the tub before the bed.  BUT Zaza’s room is darling and 98% done. (Just needs curtain tie-backs, and some more painting of butterflies and flowers on the tea table.) 

The boy’s room is situated, but will it ever be clean to my liking?  Who knows?  We piled our 11-year-old’s belongings in the hall before moving him into the room he shares with his 13-year-old brother.  I instructed him to pick up each item in the hall and decide to keep it or get rid of it.  He spent about 10 minutes in the hallway and then came and reported that he didn’t want anything in the hall anymore!  SWEET!  The garage sale pile is growing!  We separated their bunk beds and put a bookshelf in the middle of the room to create two separate spaces.  It’s pretty dorm-ish, but does the job well.  I need to anchor the shelf to the wall before someone dies of falling shelf in there.

The family room and kitchen were painted in one day thanks to a friend and her three sons who helped me and my three children.  Worker bees were we!  I made the valances today, but only got two of three up on the wall.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be done!  And I’ll take photos for you, faithful readers.

Off to the tub.  Good night!