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While I’m Waiting

October 20, 2010

I believe I’ve mentioned before here on MSJ that I’m not real fond of waiting.  But here we go again.  Adoption is a true test of trust because you have absolutely no control AT ALL as to when things happen.  I’m sure God looks down at me and laughs saying, “Look!  She’s counting on the calendar again…. like she knows when things are going to happen! HAHAHAHA!”  In a loving way, of course. 

I phoned my husband today to tell him the latest news of what happens to our adoption file now.  I went through the steps and gave him my expected dates of travel AGAIN.  He laughed and responded, “You have never been right yet with your dates!”  It’s true, but I’m a planner!  Planners plan.  Hence, the name.

Here’s my theme song AGAIN:

I’ll serve you while I’m waiting.

I’ll worship while I’m waiting.

I’m waiting on YOU Lord.